Monday, August 19, 2013

Wi-Fi and global warming: An urgent call to action!

I read recently on the front page of our local Delaware State news journal that this year saw a record low in the polar ice caps. The icecaps have been melting more and more each year and several times in the last decade New World records have been broken leaving less ice and more dramatic increases in temperature near the equator of our fragile planet.

When I ask myself, "what has changed that could be causing this dramatic increase in temperature and the polar ice melt??" My 20 year background as an Internet Trainer and one of the people who helped the US prepare for the first Rio Earth Summit tells me that the saturation of competing satellite Wi-Fi companies that stream high-definition television, movies, music, cellular phones, videogames and other wireless transmissions around our planet comes to mind as the most obvious possibility.

If you think about it, all of this data is electromagnetic information. It streams back and forth from servers on the planet up to satellites in geosynchronous orbit, back down to cellular towers and Wi-Fi towers which suddenly have sprung up everywhere you look across our country...throughout the rest of the world too.

This electromagnetic energy basically sits above our heads and acts like a magnifying glass between the sun and the earth. As the sun's energy bounces down towards the planet, it is now being filtered through a digital ocean, miles and miles deep, consisting of the ones and zeros that translate into all the types of digital information that come to us from dozens of competing companies with a constant barrage of thousands of cable TV and duplicate HDTV channels, SiriusXM satellite radio (One service I am guilty of feeling I can't live without), the ubiquitous CLOUD computing networks! Don't forget we also have thousands of Networked video games that connect players worldwide, FaceTime voice over Internet videoconferencing, live webcam porn and dozens of other ways we are using the Internet that weren't even dreamed of 20 years ago by the concerned scientists and researchers who attended the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

Just like holding a magnifying glass between the sun and a piece of paper or pile of dry leaves can start a fire, this ocean of digital information floating above our heads is causing the temperature of our planet to warm up dramatically. In fact, two years ago we did not see a single inch of snow in Delaware.

I wrote a short letter to President Obama expressing my concerns and I am inviting each of you to do the same, and more. Ask your higher self what you can do to help create positive change in this area. Then, do it. I am feeling hypocritical, because I use my Sirius satellite radio so much, it is one of the few real constant pleasures in my life...I feel like I should cancel it to cut down my share of the Electromagnetic Pollution, but I can't seem to make myself do it! Maybe I'll switch to listen over the Internet only...but since my Internet is wireless Comcast, will that even make a difference??

It is time that we demand a MAJOR GLOBAL reform of digital information and require that high density traffic like HDTV, music, streaming video conferencing and video games etc. be moved underground to The T1 and higher fiber-optic Internet. Put cable TV back on the copper coaxial cable for Heavens sake, before it's too late!

Since companies have started using voice over Internet for telephone and Wi-Fi to send us from satellites all of the thousands of competing TV and movie channels these distractions are literally killing our planet. Is it worth it?

I used to work for the Consortium for international Earth science information network, CIESIN.ORG and helped them prepare information concerning the human dimensions of global environmental change for the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The climate change models back then were severe enough, and unfortunately the change has progressed even faster than was predicted back then.

Unfortunately, You might recall how some Republican types who prefer business over environment denied the science of global warming at that time. rep. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland led the charge to have CIESIN declared PORK BARREL POLITICS. Next, a military General in his Military uniform was sent to CIESIN and started handing out round after round of layoffs, taking this optimistic and helpful non-profit from 160 employees to just a few now, moving them from Saginaw Vally State University in Michigan to Columbia University in NYC.

Rather than making the environmental changes that were necessary concocted the scheme of NAFTA which let companies that manufacture and create more greenhouse gases get tax benefits for closing their US factories and leaving the country instead of cleaning up their environmental practices. And as typical thanks from our government for our efforts at discovering the truth, the nonprofit CIESIN was forced to lay off all but a few people due to budget cuts by a Republican senator who claimed that the program was porkbarrel politics. Nothing could have been further from the truth!

This is something that affects us all, a problem that we have to do the right thing about NOW - put the Internet and TV back underground! Let me know what you think, and what you decide to do to BE THE CHANGE!


Laureen Keefer said...


April 2014 in Delaware

I have seen the weather forecast predict highs for the three and five days ahead...only to have the actual highs turn out several degrees hotter than predicted. I had to have our cable serviced last month and asked the tech who confirmed, all those tv channels really do blast down on earth from satellites in space! I really think we need to put this heavy bandwidth material underground, and fast if this planet is going to survive!

Winter was much colder and more snowy than past years. Those who naively cling to baseless hope that climate change isn't being worsened by our human choices made over recent decades will laugh at scientific fact and claim this means everything is ok.

But this is the first winter I heard constant reports about the topic "Polar Vortex". Check it out. The ozone hole, enlarged due to increased "greenhouse gases" yawns open wide at night letting insanely cold air from space plummet to the earth...creating extreme shifts in climate we have not seen before.

This is one reason we have to be careful when talking about the hot button issue of Global Warming...that's just one facet of the really numerous problems of Global Climate Change.

Global policy changes do have an impact. Fewer monarch butterflies. Dried up farmland. Increased cancer deaths worldwide. Drought. Extreme storms that lead to floods. More erratic weather patterns with very cold followed by very warm days just might fool climate statistics that look at annual and monthly averages, but not the dramatic ups and downs we have seen within individual weeks.

I have been dreaming almost once a week that I am getting asked to come back to work for CIESIN. I wish that brilliant organization never got those funding cuts back in the mid 1990s...maybe if the mission had continued we could have gotten the changes made that needed to be made then instead of just passing the buck somewhere else on the planet.

Jeez NAFTA...didn't y'all realize the earth is actually not just round, but a sphere? ...and that moving a global problem to another continent to save a buck only really shifts the damn problem twelve hours out of our plain sight?

After watching the new Showtime series Years of Living Dangerously tonight all the turmoil I felt while watching CIESINs budget get hacked for all the wrong reasons got stirred up within me.

Is it too late for this planet to survive?

Now all the folks whose small towns have dried up and shut down because the major employers moved oversees to save the money it would cost to convert to more Eco-friendly manufacturing can't find work and really may be at a point where praying to the Angels and God for a MIRACLE may really be the only thing that can save us.

I believe we are ALL ready for some major, unpredicted positive change about now!

Laureen Keefer said...

Well I finally cancelled my Sirius/XM account in August of 2018 and a few months later reduced my high speed internet WiFi connection from 150mbps to 15mbps. Just a tiny drop in the whole emf war ocean but if we all did our part we could transform our planet to stop this rampant climate shifting.

Ironically I just realized Sirius had kept billing me as if I never cancelled. I had to revolt at my banks toll free fraud line. 😬