Thursday, February 23, 2006


I've begun playing with the idea of manifesting 'effortless abundance' and having a great time with it. I've been offline for 6 months after my 2nd PC harddrive crashed, but I'm back thanks to receiving a FREE Mac Powerbook G4 in December, and I am so grateful and am loving every minute of it. For 10 years I spent working in corporate america I got so tired of all the time wasted trying to work around MS Windows bugs. I got to the point of being unable to do it anymore, physically and spiritually, after the new year of 2004.

I've been working with the state of wisconsin Department of Vocational Rehabilitation to find a new means to make my living, and given my strong independent and creative nature we decided self employment was the best solution for me. I went to my appointment after having tried to write my whole business plan on a Windows laptop that Justin had for just 3 months before he died (see Justin earlier post). It crashed so often I gave up and wrote a list by hand of what I wanted for my business.

TOP on the list was a Mac laptop...right before my meeting, I sat down at a computer in the Job Center and looked up and picked out just the one I'd want! In the meeting, I told her about the dreams I received about the "Love Laser" and sent one across her desk and she FELT it. I told her how much my PC laptop had crashed, and how frustrating I found them compared to the ease of use of the Macs I had used since 1986 at the University of Michigan. She said I'd need a working computer to complete the business plan analysis. She asked me what I wanted, and I told her the PowerBook G4 looked perfect. So she pulled up the apple store on her computer and we prepared the order together that very moment. I am still pinching myself! It arrived right before Christmas and I LOVE IT! So this is what productivity feels like!

ANOTHER cool manifestation, since I haven't really been making money for the last 2 years, is that I got a phone call from a survey research company who asked if I'd come to the local Sheraton to do a music survey for local radio stations. It was last night, and I got paid a $50 bill just for listening to short clips of songs and filling out a scantron sheet whether I Liked it a Lot, Liked it Some, Did not Like it, Was tired of it or Not familiar... For someone who loves music as much as I do I can't think of a cooler way to earn a few bucks.

Not judging but simply observing I share this little experience from the survey conference room. I got there early and was working on my Mac and a young woman sat down at the other end of the table. She started writing furiously with her pencil, shaking the table so hard I was getting a little seasick and had to put my laptop away.

I didn't mean to invade her privacy, but I glanced over to see what was so URGENT. She had written two pages already, and in my quick glace I saw the word H*te underlined and the sentence "I h*te ____ SO MUCH, will you tell her to please shut up!" I turned back to my Sudoku puzzle book. A few minutes later she started reading a little New Testament bible and making notes in some religious publication, probably for a Bible study.

I wondered if she has any idea how powerful and destructive just writing that H word is, and how a real internal, open hearted understanding of the truth in that Book would help her better understand and LOVE the people she appears to be having a conflict with. Maybe I should have said hello but I just sent her a Love Laser and a wish for her to learn the truth more easily than this journey has been for me.