Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Connecting in Real Life

I have moved so many times in my life I have friends from at least a dozen places. I am sad that due to changes in technology and losing track of time I have not had the chance to connect with many of my best friends from everywhere. Some know me as Laureen Keefer, some as Laureen Davis...I am Laureen Keefer again, changed my name back after the divorce. I married Eugene Igo in 2006 but decided to keep my original last name... 

New friends online, old friends from Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania I am posting my email address here because I noticed its really hard to find on this blog (at the bottom of my bio, there is a link to my full profile, where there is a link to my email address in the top left corner of the page.... 

My email address is: blisseffect @ 

I put spaces before and after the @ sign so my address won't get gleaned by spam bots. Don't use those when you try to email me, or it won't work, LOL!  

I used to use my same user name at but I get so much spam, I rarely check that address anymore...I hope I haven't missed your important messages!