Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Creating a Higher Vibration

I was driving to the bank yesterday to get some money, and I almost went out of my way home to get my two dogs, Starski and Hutch. They LOVE going to the bank because at the drive through there is this really nice guy who always gives them dog cookies - they think its the reason we go in the first place!

I decided to save time and gas and just run in to the ATM in the lobby instead this time, and I realized at the intuitive level that these 2 different ways to get the same $100 out of the bank create 2 very different vibrations. At the ATM I interact with a machine, and leave. In that there is no SPARK, no JOY, no BLISS (I did get to wave at the receptionist through the door, she looked pretty bored but she smiled when I waved).

When me and the dogs go through the drive through, and I laugh because Starski is so excited he's standing in my lap with his head out the window making sure he gets SEEN by the cookie man...and the teller laughs because the dog is so silly and we all feel GOOD for a minute...thats what changing the world is all about. A greater quality AND quantity of interactions between all of us living things...

As if by coincidence the same day we got a forward from a friend about "you know you're living in 2006 when" and one of them was "you send email to the person who works at the desk right next to you". I've noticed this in my years using e-mail especially in the corporate environment...we're losing the ability to communicate with each other, feeling so separate that we are reducing our back and forth interactions to black and white letter by letter discourse. Well, the truth is we all have free, 24 hour access to the "InnerNet" if we would just sit still long enough to remember how to use it!

A quick LOVE LASER TO ANYONE WHO HAPPENS TO READ THIS! >8-) .....................?