Friday, July 12, 2019

Attracting Miracles: BlissEffect in Action

Between 2006 and 2018 all our pets: hutch, then Oliver, then Althea, then Starski then even old JB the most aloof grey cat ever; had died of old age one after the other. 

It was getting lonely. 

One evening Gene and I discussed again for at least the fifth time how awesome it would be to have a new furry family member to play with. We agreed we wouldn’t go looking for one. We knew that when we were ready, our next pet would find us!

Just two weeks later Gene was bringing me home from a trip to the Emergency Room - probably food poisoning (I cut the moldy top off a juicy pineapple and thought the rest was ok to eat. Oops, was that ever wrong!  It may be because my immune system is already badly compromised with this chronic neurotoxin pfiesteria piscidia I contracted from a cut on my foot in the waters of the Carribean. It made me so sick I had to go to the ER to get fluids restored by IV and get my pain meds stabilized. When I couldn’t even keep a pain pill down with a sip of water for over 18 hours, the pain in my spine from degenerative disc disease had quickly become unbearable).  So I spent two days in the hospital getting nursed back to health. 

It was November 4 when I got discharged from the hospital. We pulled into the driveway just after dark. Suddenly, we heard a loud sound coming from under our front porch: “meeeow”!

Gene looked and saw a small black kitten crouched in the corner. He put some food in our haveaheart trap and within a minute she walked in and triggered the trap to close behind her. 

We have had a huge feral cat population around our neighborhood so we worried she’d be skittish, frightened, or mean. 

We let her out of the trap and guess what?! She immediately jumped into my arms and started to purr!

She has turned out to be the best cat ever! The first time we showed her the new litter box, she figured it out immediately and never had a single accident. She absolutely amazes us on a daily basis with her completely unique personality. 

I named her Anandamaya (a beautiful Sanskrit term meaning ‘the realization of Bliss.”)

She comes to us when we call her name. Not always on the first call but usually by the second or third which is still pretty unusual for a cat. She runs to greet us at the door when we return from an outing of any length of time!

She jumps across 2-3 feet of space directly onto Genes shoulders, nuzzles his neck and purrs. It’s like the warmest hug ever!

He brought home a pair of catnip filled furry mice and Anandamaya started a new game - she taught us she likes to play fetch! She will drop the mouse an inch from our hands to show she is ready to play.  We throw it across the room and she flies through the air in a single leap to run and catch it, turns around and brings it right back. We play fetch 5-10 times or more - until she decides she’s had enough. Then she usually hides her mousie so we know she is ready for a rest!  

Neither of us have ever had a cat that plays fetch. We almost suspect the spirit of Hutch is hanging out with us making this kitten play just like a good puppy!

This is a wonderful example of creating what you want with the Law of Attraction! Focussing with positive energy on attracting what you want to see in your life is often as simple as discussing it with positive energy and knowing and trusting that what is meant to be the Universe will provide by bringing it to you or at least showing you the signs you need to know what to do. 

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Anomalies in United States Presidential Election 2004

Back in 2004 I noticed an alarming anomaly after the so-called final election results came back. First off, do you remember back in 2004, it seemed like everyone thought John Kerry would win! Given the entire future of our planet was at stake we were all even extra motivated to help correct the mistake of 2000 election. The entire country and world was protesting Bush and the Iraq War and the energy at Kerry rallies was gigantically enormous and positive and almost awe-inspiring scene of almost ten blocks of Madison Wisconsin’s capitol filled with Kerry supporters. It really seemed like if elections were fair he’d have won by a landslide. 

I had recently become too sick to work full time. But I made time to work with America Coming Together in Madison, WI - a part-time job promoting progressive voting ideals without outwardly endorsing any individual seemed relatively cool way to pay rent that month. 

It turned out to be a really alarming eye-opener into how deeply corrupt our election process has become. 

One address we went that was on the list of places we were asked to drop of literature was a senior independent living center. The man and women we visited that day informed us with grave concern that they had discovered a stack of absentee ballots they had mailed thrown in the maintenance man’s trash can. 

They were not sure how many other votes got tossed. 

The maintenance man overheard them telling us this and threatened to call the police.

We left the floor despite the residents telling him and us they welcomed us to stay, but chose to wait patiently sitting on a bench in the lobby until the Madison Police arrived. 

We made sure they created a police report solely to document these seniors’ complaint that their Democratic absentee ballots were tossed in the trash by a conservative maintenance man. 

My husband and I wound up with a “Disorderly Conduct” report but I hope it will be worth it if it helps finally expose and end this kind of rampant corruption. 

We were driving rental vans we had used to drive people to the polls the day before back to the rental agency the morning after the election. We were shocked when we heard that despite the night before’s promise “to count every vote before calling the election”, that Kerry had already somehow changed his mind and conceded to Bush. I cried that day, for the total loss of democracy this egregious flip-flop represented. 

The second facet of my report might not have stood out to me so much if I hadn’t already experienced first-hand the fact that the election results had been criminally influenced right in front of our eyes!

What stood out most in my post-traumatic voters distress was the state of Montana. They had a ballot issue on Medical Marijuana which passed by a large majority. The Democratic Governor was also elected with a wide margin. But wait a minute! Why and how were the votes for President the exact opposite of the vote count totals for Medical Marijuana and the Governor?!

Anomalies in United States 2004 Presidential Election in Montana 
Medical Marijuana Initiative I-148
Yes Votes
No votes
Governor/Lt Governor 
Democrat Votes
Republican Votes
President/Vice President
Democrat Votes
Republican Votes (wtf?!)

These results just did not seem right when you realize the votes for President seem to be flipped, with Bush’s margin of alleged victory nearly the exact opposite of what one would expect living on the ground in America.

Would a state vote pro-democratic ideals in most cases but vote just exactly the opposite on the president vote count?  After all the anti-bush protests of the year 2000 election and how the Supreme Courts massive faux-pas caving in early in a frenzy of hanging chads in Florida’s recount and nationwide protests left us all stunned. Then came 9/11 and the fake WMD allegations that were used to start the war we may someday call World War Three. The post- y2k Bush Opium War still has not ended.   Millions of Americans have given up battling their deep depression and inability to get adequate care within the health care system and have given up and died since then. 

I wonder what could have been done differently. If we really understood the consequences of letting the theft of our planet and country to go unchallenged in 2000 and 2004. Now in 2016 all the corrupt voting schemes came out from the electoral college super delegates throwing the primaries from the obvious most widely supported candidate, Bernie Sanders. 

Michael Moore’s New Documentary Fahrenheit 11/9 shows in detail how the votes of the people were ignored in the primaries. Hillary seemed like not really the best candidate after all the corruption during her husbands’ whitewater financial deals and affairs and intern Monica Lewinsky. 

It is amazing Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think Trump is worthy of the impeachment process. Just because veteran politicians maybe still feel burned by the right-wing media created fiasco the Clinton impeachment was about. This time around the crimes are worse, corrupt to the core! Trump stole the election. We need to impeach not because trump is worth it - because the American People are worth it! Democracy is worth it!  We let Bush steal eight years which plunged our whole planet into war and darkness. We must not keep letting white collar crime pay!  

If I could find a way to time travel and go back and let us do this over, I would.  

In a heartbeat. 

Would you?

Wednesday, August 01, 2018


"What Yogis now, what Rishis of old, The greatness of that Mother hath told, Who from her own breast gave birth To the sky and to the earth.

Thou hung the Heavens in empty space, And holds the earth in its place, Thou made and lighted up the sun To stay and shine this earth upon.

Thy power transcendent, since their birth Asunder holds the heaven and earth, As chariot wheels are kept apart By axles made thru workman's art.

In Shakti, who with thee can vie, Thou fills the earth, the air, the sky; Thy presence, unperceived, extends Beyond the world's remotest ends.

A million earths, if such there be, A million skies fall short of thee; A billion suns can not out shine The effulgence of thy light divine.

The worlds, which mortals boundless deem To thee but as a handfull seem. Mother, Thou art without a peer. On earth, or in yonder heavenly sphere.

Thee, God, such matchless powers adorn That thou without a foe was born. Thou art the Lord of Lords, Adored by Men—revered by Gods.l

The circling times which wear away, All else, to thee can not decay; Thou shinest on in youthful force, While countless Yugas run their course.

Unvexed by cares, or fears, or strife, In bliss serene flow on thy life, With faith we claim thine aid divine, As thou art Mother, and we are thine.

An old Hindu prayer. The metrical translation from the Sanskrit writers, by Mr. J. Muir, with modifications by author. From

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bliss Effect Sacred Love Bubble Universal Healing Practice

As a spiritual soul clearing and strengthening exercise, you can use the BlissEffect Love Bubble technique...this is the most updated technique after the Love Laser and is great for surrounding your entire SOUL with Bliss and Light.

1-Send LOVE down with your hands to the center of the earth...

2-Send LOVE up with your hands to the center of the Universe...

3-Turn slowly clockwise, sending Love through all awesome good space all awesome now time...

4-Turn slowly counterclockwise, sending Love to All LIFE EVERYWHERE...

5-Send gratitude up to the Universe and Heaven...

6-Send gratitude down, to the center of the earth...

7-Join your hands palm to palm in front of you, Namaste!

I try to use this technique daily or more often, often adding new affirmations or prayers as a send love to the Earth and Universe. As a "LightDance" additional use of this prayerful light working healers practice, I often gently stream divine healing love energy out through my hands to all awesom life everywhere...especially while I dance. Hope it helps, this planet needs all the healing love we can put out there!acred Love bubbl

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why Meditate? Eventually....Miracles!

After discussing with my friend Maria what the benefits of meditation have been for me in very general terms I asked her to read my autobiographical story on this blog. I explained to her how meditation is difficult for most of us in the beginning because it focuses mostly on quieting and relaxing the brain and mind and trying to remain still and silent without thinking for as long as possible - really focusing on your breathing and keeping the mind clear.

The actual benefits of meditating long-term are rarely discussed in our western culture. Without this information what incentive is there for a busy human being to take time out of their busy outwardly focused life and spend time focusing on this inner stillness?

Here's an example of what happened just this morning that might literally change your mind about meditation. I was resting silently after drinking my 1st cup of coffee this morning and just focusing on my breathing with my eyes closed.

Suddenly the image of a computer screen appeared in my mind and I could see someone struggling to create a document with a table full of text in multiple columns. I knew intuitively that my friend Maria who works as a lawyer in Louisiana was working on a legal brief and struggling to get her multiple tables to look alike.

As I had spent 20 years as a computer trainer it is logical that I would be somehow called to come to her assistance - so I used one meditation benefit (the acquired gift of telepathy) to explain to her how to use the format table, styles command to create a style for her tables and then apply those styles to all her future tables so she would only have to format them once.

Was this a dream or was it real? I guess I won't know until I hear from Maria herself if she actually heard my voice and received my assistance. I got the feeling that her office had been hearing my voice and may have been slightly freaking out about it and so I hinted that she could tell people that she left her speakerphone on while I was helping her.

I hope no one believed this little white lie for very long because actually the miracle of it is just too wonderful!

I just can't believe something like this happened while I was just trying to meditate! Well, actually, yes, I can!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Wi-Fi and global warming: An urgent call to action!

I read recently on the front page of our local Delaware State news journal that this year saw a record low in the polar ice caps. The icecaps have been melting more and more each year and several times in the last decade New World records have been broken leaving less ice and more dramatic increases in temperature near the equator of our fragile planet.

When I ask myself, "what has changed that could be causing this dramatic increase in temperature and the polar ice melt??" My 20 year background as an Internet Trainer and one of the people who helped the US prepare for the first Rio Earth Summit tells me that the saturation of competing satellite Wi-Fi companies that stream high-definition television, movies, music, cellular phones, videogames and other wireless transmissions around our planet comes to mind as the most obvious possibility.

If you think about it, all of this data is electromagnetic information. It streams back and forth from servers on the planet up to satellites in geosynchronous orbit, back down to cellular towers and Wi-Fi towers which suddenly have sprung up everywhere you look across our country...throughout the rest of the world too.

This electromagnetic energy basically sits above our heads and acts like a magnifying glass between the sun and the earth. As the sun's energy bounces down towards the planet, it is now being filtered through a digital ocean, miles and miles deep, consisting of the ones and zeros that translate into all the types of digital information that come to us from dozens of competing companies with a constant barrage of thousands of cable TV and duplicate HDTV channels, SiriusXM satellite radio (One service I am guilty of feeling I can't live without), the ubiquitous CLOUD computing networks! Don't forget we also have thousands of Networked video games that connect players worldwide, FaceTime voice over Internet videoconferencing, live webcam porn and dozens of other ways we are using the Internet that weren't even dreamed of 20 years ago by the concerned scientists and researchers who attended the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

Just like holding a magnifying glass between the sun and a piece of paper or pile of dry leaves can start a fire, this ocean of digital information floating above our heads is causing the temperature of our planet to warm up dramatically. In fact, two years ago we did not see a single inch of snow in Delaware.

I wrote a short letter to President Obama expressing my concerns and I am inviting each of you to do the same, and more. Ask your higher self what you can do to help create positive change in this area. Then, do it. I am feeling hypocritical, because I use my Sirius satellite radio so much, it is one of the few real constant pleasures in my life...I feel like I should cancel it to cut down my share of the Electromagnetic Pollution, but I can't seem to make myself do it! Maybe I'll switch to listen over the Internet only...but since my Internet is wireless Comcast, will that even make a difference??

It is time that we demand a MAJOR GLOBAL reform of digital information and require that high density traffic like HDTV, music, streaming video conferencing and video games etc. be moved underground to The T1 and higher fiber-optic Internet. Put cable TV back on the copper coaxial cable for Heavens sake, before it's too late!

Since companies have started using voice over Internet for telephone and Wi-Fi to send us from satellites all of the thousands of competing TV and movie channels these distractions are literally killing our planet. Is it worth it?

I used to work for the Consortium for international Earth science information network, CIESIN.ORG and helped them prepare information concerning the human dimensions of global environmental change for the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The climate change models back then were severe enough, and unfortunately the change has progressed even faster than was predicted back then.

Unfortunately, You might recall how some Republican types who prefer business over environment denied the science of global warming at that time. rep. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland led the charge to have CIESIN declared PORK BARREL POLITICS. Next, a military General in his Military uniform was sent to CIESIN and started handing out round after round of layoffs, taking this optimistic and helpful non-profit from 160 employees to just a few now, moving them from Saginaw Vally State University in Michigan to Columbia University in NYC.

Rather than making the environmental changes that were necessary concocted the scheme of NAFTA which let companies that manufacture and create more greenhouse gases get tax benefits for closing their US factories and leaving the country instead of cleaning up their environmental practices. And as typical thanks from our government for our efforts at discovering the truth, the nonprofit CIESIN was forced to lay off all but a few people due to budget cuts by a Republican senator who claimed that the program was porkbarrel politics. Nothing could have been further from the truth!

This is something that affects us all, a problem that we have to do the right thing about NOW - put the Internet and TV back underground! Let me know what you think, and what you decide to do to BE THE CHANGE!


WifiTower by BlissEffect
WifiTower, a photo by BlissEffect on Flickr.

With towers like this springing up every 100 yards, are we hurting our planet? My intuition tells me that the sunlight passing through all the layers of competing satellite and wifi traffic is being magnified, accelerating global warming.

Sacred Herbs and My Journey to Enlightenment, Part 1

Mystery Illness Leads to Depression and Disability

 I cut my foot on a rock on the beach in the Caribbean on New Years’ Day, 2000. I began to feel sick within days, suddenly stricken with extreme fatigue, nausea and vomiting, and severe pain throughout my entire body. The cut on my foot refused to heal – it just got worse and worse over the next few years. A dermatologist thought it might be Athlete’s Foot and prescribed Lamasil, however after I used it for a month the blisters from my foot spread to my hands where I had been touching the sore to apply the medicine. I just couldn’t cope with the pain and discomfort and memory loss my condition had been causing.

On the first Saturday after the New Year in January, 2004 I attended the first workshop in a monthly series called “Joyful Living”, held by Madison, Wisconsin Reiki Master Teacher Mary Preuss-Olson ( ). After the first class, just looking at my workbook made me feel so sad I cried. I had been unhappy for such a long time, due to the physical pain my illness was causing me. At the time, I was so depressed that the idea of even feeling Joy again seemed impossible.

The next Monday morning my alarm didn’t go off on time and I was rushing and trying to drink a cup of coffee in the shower. The coffee cup broke, and I just slid down into the tub and started crying hysterically. I was no longer able to face teaching yet another basic computer class that was now hard for me to remember due to my illness. Rather than go back to a sunless, basement classroom I felt so hopeless I grabbed a piece of the broken coffee mug and slit my wrist. It was really more of a cry for help than a desire to die, and it made me face the fact that I had become unable to work.

Anti-depressant pills had never worked for me and caused serious negative side effects. While still employeed, I had begun a search for deeper healing through the EMF Balancing Technique and Reiki Master Certification through Mary. Also, in a weekend class taught by Maureen St. Germaine I learned to practice the Flower of Life Merkabah meditation ( ). Flower of Life has many instructors worldwide who can teach how to increase power of our own souls through Sacred Geometry and the Star Tetrahedron – the true shape and structure of our Eternal Soul or Light Body (Mer Ka Bah). Through adding this sacred 17 breath meditation whenever the Spirit moved, I’ve realized it is Earth’s most essential Spiritual Ascension Practice, a teaching that is truly universally necessary for achieving permanent memory and enlightenment.

Thank goodness I had spent my free time while employed learning these valuable spiritual tools, as I am convinced they saved my life, and are two powerful pieces of The Truth that have been missing from our Western philosophies. Being unable to work anymore was a very dark and depressing time for me, so I decided to devote all my energy to inner healing.

While attending a workshop on the Healing Power of Love by Flower of Life founder Drunvelo Melchizadec, I coined the term “InnerNet” to help describe the network of Chakras that I learned we need to energize regularly to give our souls energy a boost. That next year I spent most of my time curled up in bed in a snuggly warm position I termed a “Heart Nap”, just focusing my energy in my heart as Drunvelo suggested and trying to clear all negative thoughts from my mind.

Asking for Dream Guidance

After setting my intention to heal and learn all I could on this path, I started to listen to the CD I got in the Joyful Living course. I played the 20 minute guided meditation “Daily Tune Up” nearly every single day for three months. Asking for spiritual guidance through dreams was suggested in the Joy Connection workshop, and so I took the process very seriously. “Please, God, show me in a dream tonight what to do to feel JOY!”, I prayed every night before I went to sleep. I have always felt certain there is a Higher Power, but I realized I’d never know for sure unless I put the idea of asking Him for guidance to the test.

For the first several nights, I had no dreams, just a nightmare about being back at work and trying to hide so no one would see me. I just kept meditating every day and asking for help more clearly each night. I went to bed one night, again, expressing to God and all the Archangels and Angels my urgent need for clear direction in my dreams on how to feel more joy, or at least a reason for living!

That night, I had a dream that I was in a field running down a short grassy hill. There were several puppies and dogs running and playing with me. I recorded the dream in my workbook. The next night, I had almost exactly the same dream. The third night, I was in a store surrounded by dog toys. After three nights in a row, I got the message! For starters, God and the Angels were telling me to play with my dog more. That seemed easy enough. And so I did.

Despite the cold Wisconsin winter weather, our dog Hutch and I would spend a few moments several times every day running around in the backyard together. We’d play hide and seek with a ball in the house, too. I’d throw the ball and he would bark anytime it got stuck under the couch or bed where he couldn’t reach it, and I’d help him.

To be more playful by itself was a great trinity of teaching dreams. Acting more playfully provided me a small amount of natural relief from the depression and chronic pain I was suffering from. Soon, I realized I needed more meaningful activities in my life. Playing with Hutch was fun, and I got a certain level of contentment from that. After a lifetime of seeking my own personal Higher Purpose, I knew I’d find it if I just kept asking - I was ready to do something to start FINDING a reason for living, already! I began to write down my prayer requests before bedtime, pleading for more specific information in my journal.

One night I wrote as I prayed, “Please, God, Please! Playing with Hutch has helped a little but I need more of a reason to keep living with all this pain I’m suffering! Please, be specific and show me in a dream EXACTLY my Higher Purpose. What should I spend most of my time, effort and energy talking about, thinking, and acting about for the highest good of all? Why am I HERE?”

Be careful what you ask for! The next night, I had a very clear, specific, and highly symbolic dream.

My Higher Purpose Dream

As my dream began, I was outside, soaking up some sun. I walked inside, and sat down next to my partner, Gene. He was admiring a very beautiful dried Green Flower, which spiraled around a long stem. I realized right away that it was a sacred ganga flower, which I had learned a lot about from my friends and reading on-line. I broke a small part of the flower from the stem, and looked closely at it as I crumbled it up to share with Gene.

Unlike most people I know, I was over thirty before I even tried cannabis myself. As Earth’s original natural antidepressant, just a small amount of this all natural herb (three breaths inhaled about the size of a raisin each) would be enough to keep us feeling happy and free from depression for a couple of hours!

Inside the flower bud were I found three perfect little seeds. Although cannabis flowers are female, and the male plants produce only seeds, occasionally a female plant will intentionally create just a few male seeds to ensure the continuation of the species. The seeds spoke to me of the wisdom of nature, the certainty of eternal life and the essential immortality of Truth. There being three seeds was clearly a message from the Holy Spiritual Trinity directly!

At that moment my step father, Al walked into the room. As usual, he had a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I put the small handful of now seedless dried herbal medicine into a glass pipe and stretched out my hand towards him. I said, “Hey Al, come here and smoke this with us! It’s better for you than either of those two things!” This dream was in more clear living color and felt more spiritually significant and remarkable than any dream I had had in this lifetime.

Read on to Part 2 And see how I asked for a sign to help me overcome my fear of accepting this is my secret purpose!

Asking for a Sign to Help Overcome Fear: Sacred Herbs and Enlightenment Part 2

Why I Feared Speaking the Truth

I woke up in a state of shock, really. This seemed to me at once both simple and somewhat scary. Hadn’t Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon both been assassinated after simply sharing dreams of peace this simple and elegant? I had researched John Lennon’s FBI files online ( ) and it seemed that our government went after him primarily for advocating peace and being caught using cannabis plant medicine.

My doubts and fears made me question God’s direct response to my prayer. “NO, that can’t be right. Could it?” I thought. Since pot is illegal, for all these strange reasons, this felt like a scary, dangerous truth for God to be asking me to spread the news about.

Asking for a Clear Sign

Before I went to sleep the next night, I asked God: “If telling the world that smoking pot is really, honestly my soul’s Higher Purpose then I will need a sign God – Please, not just a little sign I might miss, but one so clear it will be like a ton of bricks hitting me on the head (figuratively speaking)!" Thank goodness I thought to add the phrase, figuratively speaking.

At first, the next day I woke up a little disappointed, because I had no majorly important dreams that I could recall - just a few brief and clear images of being at a crowded music festival and having an information table with a little space to share the content of my Higher Purpose dream – a similar dream came the following night, making it a powerful series of three dreams in a row, just like the ones about being more playful came in a set of three.

I was home alone because Gene was visiting his brother. I told him my dream on the phone the next morning, and just sharing the story made my energy skyrocket – pure adrenaline. I told him I was afraid I’d get shot if I ran around telling people that! I let him know I was still waiting for the sign I asked for.

A TRIPLE Synchronicity

Later that day, I noticed that our dog Hutch was acting a little stir crazy. He just wouldn’t stop barking! I went into the bedroom and there he was on the bed, just barking in the most insistent way. The dog looked at me, then turned his head and looked directly at our alarm clock and it read - 1:11! I smiled, thinking that might be the sign I had asked for! I had frequently noticed that number on my computer while working, along with a feeling the Angels were giving me a “high five”.

Later that day, Hutch was in the living room barking up a storm. I thought maybe his ball was under the couch so I went to see. He looked at the clock on our VCR, then he turned and looked at me – I checked xthe time and it was 3:33! We hardly ever set the VCR clock, so the fact that it wasn’t just blinking 12:00, 12:00, 12:00 was a miracle all by itself.

Around 4:30 that afternoon my friend Liz was visiting and we were talking and reading healing books at the kitchen table. Hutch was barking like mad and looking right at the dream log where I had been writing down all my dreams. An Angel seemed to be telling him to tell me to share my dream story with Liz.

I grabbed the book and told Liz how I had been asking God to show me my Higher Purpose, and told her the story up to my most recent dreams and the fact that I’d asked for a sign but hadn’t dreamed anything significant the night before. Instead, Hutch had barked at the clocks at 1:11 and 3:33.

Before I could even ask her what she thought, Hutch again started barking very insistently in the bedroom. I got up from the kitchen table, and again went to see what he was barking about. He looked at the clock one more time, then looked at me - this time it was 5:55!

OK, that was Definitely Absolutely THE sign I was asking God to give me - that it happened at three different times, 1:11, 3:33 and 5:55 made it so obviously not just a coincidence or my imagination.

Facing Fears of Government Oppression

I didn’t know what to make of all this! The mere thought of speaking up in public about these beautiful dreams and synchronicities triggered fears I didn’t even know I faced. I knew marijuana was illegal, but really did not understand why. I had tried alcohol in college and ended up suffering from three traumatic date rapes first semester of Freshman year, before I learned how dangerous that legal substance is and to stay away from it.

Cannabis is so much milder a relaxation tool, and is an all natural gift to us from Heaven! Unlike alcohol, it doesn’t cause you to lose track of your personal values or to black out, lose consciousness, nor does it cause domestic violence. It took a couple months of diligent searching for the truth before I had enough confidence in the facts to take action in the real world.

Researching the Truth: Sacred Herbs and Enlightenment, Part 3

Researching the Truth

My favorite next “111” repeating number synchronicity came when I opened up my Bible to page one of the Story of Creation, Chapter 1 of Genesis, Verse 11-12, it reads:

11 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

12 And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

A must read is the book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer. Its history of the evil conspiracy of wrongful attempts to eradicate hemp by powerful tree-based paper industry profiteers and to eliminate cannabis for anti-peace motives convinced me this conspiracy against enlightenment is so evil and wrong it is at the root of most our planet’s problems now - I can no longer wait to SPEAK UP!

Although hemp and cannabis once grew abundantly all over the planet, racist greedy policy makers of the past renamed ganga or cannabis to Marijuana and put out ridiculous movies like Reefer Madness to propagandize against this simple happiness, love and enlightenment generating herb. Instead the Global controlling forces intentionally promoted Amphetamines and Opium for war, productivity and profits.

See the Appendix section at the end of this document for excerpts from Christian, Hindu and other Source Spiritual Truth that is URGENT information we need to share with our world’s governments. We collectively must stop the totally irrational treatment to natural herbs, plants and trees as if they are tools of the devil, while allowing tobacco, alcohol, and pills from pharmaceutical companies that kill millions of people a year to flourish for evil, greedy purposes; we also must end the hypocritical and expensive global CIA struggle for control of Opium / Heroin and Cocaine that has only been increasing in US government enforced control since Vietnam.

TRUTH is the only solution. We must understand the simple, urgent GLOBAL need to make the sacred cannabis plant purely legal for any adult to consume for spiritual and physical well-being. If taught to use it with the proper intention, and not as an intoxicant like alcohol, it will literally help a regular meditation practitioner more quickly achieve enlightenment. Cannabis or ganga is literally called , the Panacea, or literally, Healer of Everything in one of the earliest written scriptures, the Hindu Atharva-Veda.

I found the Indian Hemp Drug Commission Report from the late 1800’s online at ( ) and read it in its entirety. I found it profoundly important reading, to help understand the historical context of how the British colonial empire researched and found an amazing wealth of information about the uses of sacred ganga and hemp in India; despite this truth, the authoritarian governments of the world at that time decided to control hemp and ganga, and instead focus on war after war to struggle to maintain control of the growth of another flower - the Opium Poppy that is chemically over processed to create the strong and highly addictive (and profitable) drug heroin that has flooded the planet since the Bush war in Afghanistan.

I realized from research on the CIA Operation Paperclip that the United States had brought many Nazi scientists into the country after World War II. These scientists’ research on turning plants into Chemical Medicine and Pills for Profits are major causes now behind our US Drug War as well as our Health Care and Budget crises. They believe what these scientists teach in AMA Medical Schools, and the FDA POLICY LIE that “Only a (chemical) drug can cure, prevent, or treat a disease.” They completely deny any medicinal benefit of cannabis and nearly every other plant with a medicinally active property, simply to allow pharmaceutical companies to profit from chemicals extracted from the plants, then somehow mimic that part of the plant chemically and press the chemical into pills that usually are less effective and have negative side effects that the original plant does not have! It is quite depressing to research the actual number of deaths that FDA approved drugs have caused, while the harmless, peaceful cannabis herb has been so mercilessly suppressed at a cost of billions of dollars a year. Why spend so much to stop the use of a harmless plant? Why list cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug with absolutely no medical benefit, when it obviously relieves depression better than any chemical pill all naturally? Why is the much more harmful drug cocaine listed as a less illicit Schedule 2 drug? My theory is that “the patriarchal system” does not want people to achieve enlightenment, nor to enjoy a simple gift of nature that lets any dreary work seem more enjoyable.

Acting on my Higher Purpose: Sacred Herbs and My Journey to Enlightenment, Part 4

Acting on My Higher Purpose

My first efforts to follow God and Archangel Michael’s guidance were tentative. I left my full time job due to several physically disabling conditions, and wasn’t capable of doing very much with the multiple illnesses I was suffering. However, I noticed the Marijuana Policy Project was paying a dollar for each email address collected in their membership petition drive. That summer, I collected over 400 email addresses at the Movement Festival in Detroit, Summerfest in Milwaukee, and at the Phish shows in Alpine Valley, as well as at sporadic other gatherings I ended up going to at the urging of my Higher Self.

I told the story of my Higher Purpose Dream and the follow up sign of Hutch barking at the clocks at 1:11, 3:33 and 5:55 to hundreds of people I collected e-mail addresses from – God’s message is clear: Pot is healthy! It is obviously better for us than tobacco or alcohol, which are both legal. It is time to make a major GLOBAL CHANGE and treat Ganga with somewhat fewer restrictions than cigarettes and alcohol. I feel certain that when Ganga is legalized and treated like the sacred panacea that it is, use of hard drugs will diminish, crime will be reduced, and people will start acting more like spiritually conscious evolved adults – we will be able to achieve happiness rather than just pursue it.

Archangel Michael and I got the inspiration to design a t-shirt with the Da Vinci Vitruvian Man in a circle and square, but with a smile on his face and a green pot leaf behind his image. This image is often used for healing arts practices so it seemed like a perfect Angel inspired project. It took several months and a couple friends to help, but we designed what we called the “Medicine Man” t-shirt and had it printed on 144 hemp blend shirts, and managed to sell a few here and there throughout the summer.

I organized several spiritual meditation and music events at the urging of the Angels leading me. We celebrated the Transit of Venus with a meditation circle in which I played the Daily Tune Up for the group then had music and a little potluck supper. I coordinated a Metaphysical Monday event for about a month. Then I helped organize two Earthdance events in Madison, free FUN-raisers - in my case, just to raise awareness about spiritual unity and Autism.

I later wrote a grant inquiry letter to Marijuana Policy Project which pointed out how odd it was the state passed Medical Marijuana and elected a Democratic Governor by a very similar margin to which the totally inscrutable decision to pass W forward for yet another term of STOLEN elections. Most of the planet remembers how the “Hanging Chad” process unfolded that he stole the election of 2000 over the state of Florida, and when Kerry lost in 2004 despite a huge majority of the American people believing in more altruistic and democratic values I proposed that by studying precinct by precinct return irregularities we could use a small amount of research dollars to prove the 2004 election had been rigged to cause George Bush to win. Unfortunately, the grant was not approved. I wish I had done more to let someone in charge know about my initial findings so they could investigate further, especially seeing how badly Bush tanked the economy with his nepotism and poor leadership into wars we did not need to start and could not afford.

I had heard that there were grants made to Afghanistan by the Republicans just before they started the war there. They were supposedly paying to have Opium Poppies eradicated, however the beating down they did just made the plants grow back stronger and just as Oliver North increased Cocaine trade in earlier conspiracies, George W. Bush clearly had his eyes on US control of the Heroin trade with this initiative and the subsequent seemingly endless war in Afghanistan.

A Miracle Vision: Sacred Herbs and my Journey to Enlightenment, Part 5

A Miracle Vision: God and Archangel Michael’s Thank You for my Efforts

One summer morning in the middle of the Marijuana Policy Project e-mail gathering drive, I was visiting at a friend’s house, sitting outside on a big sandstone rock. It was such a beautiful day and I was filled with more appreciation and bliss than usual after smoking just a tiny amount of marijuana. As a practitioner of the Flower of Life meditation, I decided it was a good time to do my sacred MerKaBah meditation. After the meditation, I walked around the front of the house. I could not believe my eyes! I saw the letter “H” in the clouds! I kept walking to my left and as I continued walking, each step revealed a different letter…next I saw the letter “I” – then a space, then…


The message HI LAUREEN was spelled out in the clouds, with bright blue sky showing through, forming each letter as if etched by some miraculous engraver – Archangel Michael tells me it was his and God’s thank you to me for listening to my Higher Purpose Dreams and taking serious action. I also saw a triangular formation of cartoon carachters off to the left, it looked as if bugs bunny, porky pig, and daffy duck were looking down at my from the clouds. Off to the right, I saw the Egyptian Key of Life, the Ankh – also etched into the clouds like a true miracle. I wish I had a camera with me to share that image - It was such a huge miracle gift and the greatest activation of my Flower of Life MerKabah I had experienced in the year following the Flower of Life workshop ( ). I am convinced sacred Ganga plant was placed here on the planet for our overall spiritual and physical well being, and to keep it from us is literally a crime! The combination of that plant along with meditation is truly the key to achieving enlightenment.

Here’s a short poem that just flowed out of me after one day collecting e-mails at the Milwuakee Summerfest:

It’s not a weed, it’s a flower!
It was placed here on Earth,
For us all
by a Higher Power!

It grows from a seed -
With just sunlight and water!
It doesn’t make you dumb,
It makes you smarter!

Gene and I had set up a blanket with our petition clipboard and this poem at the Summerfest, right in front of the beer tent. At one point, a security guard told me his boss had told him to ask us to leave. He said he had just taken a class on spirituality at the local community college and read about Yogananda and ganga and believed we were doing a good thing. He said we could stay as long as we folded up our blanket and just carried our petition a little less obviously.

Learning to Send Love: Love Laser Dream Trilogy

I felt I had done all I could on the herbal medicine mission and was looking for a next step to help bring world peace. For three nights in a row I had dreams teaching me about the power of LOVE (I began calling the technique my "Love Laser").

In the first dream I was shown a battle scene in Iraq, and then taught by example how to send the intent of pure healing Spiritual LOVE Energy their way. I felt the dream teaching me how to bring peace by actively sending out Love energy through my heart, third-eye and raised hands. After sending love, the battle immediately dispersed.

The second night, I had a similar teaching dream. This time I was witness to an inner city setting and some violent incident just escalating out of control. I sent my "Love Laser" into the heart of the crowd and instantly everyone just stopped and moved away, wondering what they had been fighting for.

The third night the setting was a little more abstract. I saw what looked like a world made only of lines of light. What appeared to be an ominous dark, shape of some new and horrible energy weapon appeared before me. I used the "Love Laser" and this weapon was rendered harmless.

As if to emphasize the importance of this, I got a real world confirmation the next day. Two friends invited us over to watch a movie, and they had rented Matrix: Revolutions to watch on their DVD. We were not paying the closest attention to the movie, spending more time talking with each other and watching their growing family of Beta fish. However, my attention came into very clear focus for the scene where Neo and Trinity joined hands and used their focused LOVE energy as a life saving power against the enemy machine weapons.

I really was stunned. This time I had a series of three dreams which were then reinforced though the simple synchronicity of watching a movie confirm the awesome power of LOVE.

Appendix A: Genesis, The STORY OF CREATION, Sacred Herbs and my Journey to Enlightenment, Part 6


King James Version: Genesis Chapter 1
11 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.
12 And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
13 And the evening and the morning were the third day.
Septuagint: Genesis Chapter 1 (Greek)
11 καὶ εἶπεν ὁ θεός βλαστησάτω ἡ γῆ βοτάνην χόρτου σπεῖρον σπέρμα
κατὰ γένος καὶ καθ᾽ ὁμοιότητα καὶ ξύλον κάρπιμον ποιοῦν καρπόν
οὗ τὸ σπέρμα αὐτοῦ ἐν αὐτῷ κατὰ γένος ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς καὶ ἐγένετο οὕτως
12 καὶ ἐξήνεγκεν ἡ γῆ βοτάνην χόρτου σπεῖρον σπέρμα κατὰ γένος καὶ
καθ᾽ ὁμοιότητα καὶ ξύλον κάρπιμον ποιοῦν καρπόν οὗ τὸ σπέρμα
αὐτοῦ ἐν αὐτῷ κατὰ γένος ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς καὶ εἶδεν ὁ θεὸς ὅτι καλόν
13 καὶ ἐγένετο ἑσπέρα καὶ ἐγένετο πρωί ἡμέρα τρίτη

Tanach (Hebrew): Genesis (Bereshit) Chapter 1
י֞פ רְּ ץ֣ע ר עַ֔ז יע מַ֣ זַ רְ שׂ בֶ֚ע ש אֶׁ֔ד ר ץֶ֙ה אָ א֤ת דַּֽ שְ ים֗א לֱֹה אמ רֶ ו יַ ֹּ 11
ו יַֽ הְ יִ־כ ןֵֽ׃ ר ץֶ֑ע לַ־ה אָ וֹ֖ז רַ עְוֹ־ב ר֥א שֲ וֹ֔ל מְ יִנ פ רְּ יִ שׂ הֶ֤עֹ
3י֛עֹ שֽׂ הֶ־פ רְּ ץ֧ו עְ הו לּ֔ מְ יִנ ר עַ֙ז יע מַ֤ זַ רְ שׂ בֶ֣ע ש אֶׁ֠ד ר ץֶ֜ה אָ א ו תַ וֹּצ 12
כ יִּ־ט וֹֽב׃ ים֖א לֱֹה ר אְ֥ו יַ הּו֑ל מְ יִנ וֹ֖ז רַ עְוֹ־ב ר֥א שֲֶׁ
פ ש לְׁ יִש יִֽׁ׃ וֹם֥י ק רֶ֖ו יַֽ הְ יִ־בֹ ר ב֥ו יַֽ הְ יִ־ע 13

Vulgate (Latin): Genesis
11 Et ait: Germinet terra herbam virentem, et facientem semen, et lignum
pomiferum faciens fructum juxta genus suum, cujus semen in semetipso sit
super terram. Et factum est ita.
12 Et protulit terra herbam virentem, et facientem semen juxta genus suum,
lignumque faciens fructum, et habens unumquodque sementem secundum
speciem suam. Et vidit Deus quod esset bonum.
13 Et factum est vespere et mane, dies tertius.


Favorite Quotes:
Bhang is the Joy-giver, the Sky-flier, the Heavenly-guide, the Poor Man's Heaven, the Soother of Grief.
Much of the holiness of bhang is due to its virtue of clearing the head and stimulating the brain to thought. Among ascetics the sect known as Atits are specially devoted to hemp. No social or religious gathering of Atits is complete without the use of the hemp plant.
To forbid or even seriously to restrict the use of so holy and gracious a herb as the hemp would cause widespread suffering and annoyance and to the large bands of worshipped ascetics deep-seated anger. It would rob the people of a solace in discomfort, of a cure in sickness, of a guardian whose gracious protection saves them from the attacks of evil influences, and whose mighty power makes the devotee of the Victorious, overcoming the demons of hunger and thirst, of panic fear, of the glamour of Maya or matter, and of madness, able in rest to brood on the Eternal, till the Eternal, possessing him body and soul, frees him from the having of self and receives him into the ocean of Being. These beliefs the Musalman devotee shares to the full. Like his Hindu brother the Musalman fakir reveres bhang as the lengthener of life, the freer from the bonds of self. Bhang brings union with the Divine Spirit. 'We drank bhang and the mystery I am He grew plain. So grand a result, so tiny a sin.'
Ganja eau be consumed by all in the name of a god, and the practice cannot be looked down upon, because it is done under certain forms and religious ceremonies. It is also popularly believed that those who mock the worshippers of Trinath shall be ruined and shall be the victims of misfortune.

Read the Entire History of How Colonial Britain decided to promote Opium Poppy derived Heroin instead of Spiritually Healing Ganga 
online by searching for Indian Hemp Drug Commission Report
or visit the link directly at ;

The above quotes from the Appendix were apparently missed or ignored for
profits over planetary peace and health:

Appendix C: Ganga Herb as a Spiritual Panacea and Gift from Creator and Source: Selected Hymns of the Atharva Veda

Ganga Herb as a Spiritual Panacea and Gift from Creator and Source:
Selected Hymns of the Atharva Veda

Vedas are Hindu Holy Scriptures from 4000 BC through 1500 AD.
Translated by Ralph T.H. Griffith, [1895]

A charm to ensure health and prosperity by wearing an amulet
1 For length of life, for mighty joy, uninjured, ever showing strength. We wear Vishkandha's antidote, the Amulet of Jangida.
2 Amulet of a thousand powers, Jangida save us, all around. From Jambha, and from Viara, Vishkandha, and tormenting pain.
3 This overcomes Vishkandha, this chases the greedy fiends away: May this our panacea, may Jangida save us from distress.
4 With Jangida that brings delight, Amulet given by the Gods, We in the conflict overcome Vishkandha and all Rākshasas.
5 May Cannabis and Jangida preserve me from Vishkandha,— that Brought to us from the forest, this sprung from the saps of husbandry.
6 This Amulet destroys the might of magic and malignity: So may victorious Jangida prolong the years we have to live.

A protective charm addressed to the panacea called A Jangida
1 Jangida, thou art Angiras: thou art a guardian, Jangida. Let Jangida, keep safely all our bipeds and our quadrupeds.
2 Dice-witcheries, the fifty-threes, the hundred witchcraft-practi- sers, All these may Jangida make weak, bereft of their effectual force.
3 Baffle the loud factitious howl, make impotent the seven decays. As when an archer speeds the shaft, drive away want, O Jangida,
4 This counteracts the sorceress, this banishes malignity: Then may victorious Jangida's prolong the days we have to live.
5 Let Jangida's protecting might encompass us on every side. Wherewith he quells Vishkandha and Sanskandha, might by greater might.
6 Three times the Gods engendered thee fixt on the surface of the earth; The Brāhmans of the olden time knew that thy name was Angiras;
7 The ancient plants surpass thee not, nor any herbs of recent days. A potent charm is Jangida, a most felicitous defence.
8 Then when thou sprangest into life, Jangida of un-measured strength, Indra, O mighty One, bestowed great power upon thee from the first. p. 240
9 To thee in truth, O Forest Tree, Indra the mighty One gave strength. Driving away all maladies, strike thou the demons down, O Plant.
10 Lumbago and rheumatic pain, consumptive cough, and pleurisy, And fever which each Autumn brings, may Jangida make- powerless.

A similar charm addressed to the same
1 While their lips uttered Indra's name the Rishis gave us Jangida.. Which in the earliest time Gods made a remedy, Vishkandha's- cure.
2 So may this Jangida guard us, even as a treasurer guards wealth,. Even this which Gods and Brāhmans made a malice-quelling sure defence.
3 Hard-hearted men, the cruel eye, the sinner who hath come to- us, Destroy thou these with watchful care, O thou who hast a. thousand eyes. Thou, Jangida, art my defence.
4 Guard me from earth and guard me from the heavens, guard me from middle air, from plants protect me. Protect me from the present and the future. From every region Jangida preserve us!
5 All sorcerers made by the Gods, all that arise from mortal men,. These, one and all, let Jangida, healer of all, make impotent.

Appendix D: Hymns of the Atharva-Veda translated by Maurice Bloomfield

Hymns of the Atharva-Veda translated by Maurice Bloomfield
Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 42

This, the 42nd volume of the the Sacred Books of the East, is an anthology of representative hymns from the Arthrva-veda, the fourth Veda. This selection is grouped thematically, so the hymns are not in numeric order.

II, 4. Charm with an amulet derived from the gangida tree, against diseases and demons.
1. Unto long life and great delights, for ever unharmed and vigorous, do we wear the gangida, as an amulet destructive of the vishkandha.
2. From convulsions, from tearing pain, from vishkandha, and from torturing pain, the gangida shall protect us on all sides--an amulet of a thousand virtues!
3. This gangida conquers the vishkandha, and smites the Atrin (devouring demons); may this all-healing gangida protect us from adversity!
4. By means of the invigorating gangida, bestowed by the gods as an amulet, do we conquer in battle the vishkandha and all the Rakshas.
5. May the hemp and may gangida protect me against vishkandha! The one (gangida) is brought hither from the forest, the other (hemp) from the sap of the furrow.
6. Destruction of witchcraft is this amulet, also destruction of hostile powers: may the powerful gangida therefore extend far our lives!

XIX, 34, Charm with an amulet derived from the gangida-tree, against diseases and demons.
1. Thou art an Angiras, O gangida, a protector art thou, O gangida. All two-footed andfour-footed creatures that belong to us the gangida shall protect!
2. The sorceries fifty-three in number, and the hundred performers of sorcery, all these having lost their force, the gangida shall render bereft of strength!
3. Bereft of strength is the gotten-up clamour, bereft of strength are the seven debilitating (charms). Do thou, O gangida, hurl away from here poverty, as an archer an arrow!
4. This gangida is a destroyer of witchcraft, and also a destroyer of hostile powers. May then the powerful gangida extend far our lives!
5. May the greatness of the gangida protect us about on all sides, (the greatness) with which he has overcome the vishkandha (and) the samskandha, (overcoming the powerful (disease) with power!
6. Thrice the gods begot thee that hast grown up upon the earth. The Brahmanas of yore knew thee here by the name of Angiras.
7. Neither the plants of olden times, nor they of recent times, surpass thee; a fierce slayer is the gahaida, and a happy refuge.
8 And when, O gangida of boundless virtue, thou didst spring up in the days of yore, O fierce (plant), Indra at first placed strength in thee.
9. Fierce Indra, verily, put might into thee, O lord of the forest! Dispersing all diseases, slay thou the Rakshas, O plant!
10. The breaking disease and the tearing disease, the balâsa, and the pain in the limbs, the takman that comes every autumn, may the gangida render devoid of force!

XIX, 35. Charm with an amulet derived from the gangida-tree, against diseases and demons.
1. While uttering Indra's name the seers bestowed (upon men) the gangida, which the gods in the beginning had made into a remedy, destructive of the vishkandha.
2 . May that gangida protect us as a treasurer his treasures, he whom the gods and the Brâhmanas made into a refuge that puts to naught the hostile powers!
3. The evil eye of the hostile-minded, (and) the evil-doer I have approached. Do thou, O thousand eyed one, watchfully destroy these! A refuge art thou, O gangida.
4. May the gangida protect me from heaven, protect me from earth, protect (me) from the atmosphere, protect me from the plants, protect me from the past, as well as the future; may he protect us from every direction of space!
5. The sorceries performed by the gods, and also those performed by men, may the all healing gangida render them all devoid of strength!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Legalize Industrial Hemp

Save Farms...
  Improve the Environment...
   Rejuvenate the Economy...

     Legalize Industrial Hemp!

It is just a shame that trees are used for nearly all our planet's disposable paper products. Every day we throw acres and acres of trees away in the form of toilet paper, paper towels and plates, disposable diapers, newspapers and magazines, junk mail, office paper and supplies, books, stationary and more.

All of these items could all be made from annually renewable industrial hemp. These products would be of higher quality, require less toxic chemicals to produce, and would generate compost-able trimmings that could go back in to the ground to nourish the soil.

In addition, industrial hemp can be made into the softest, most durable fabric on the planet to make textiles for the home, clothing, and more. Rather than settling for material of inferior quality that creates disposable textiles that only last a year of daily use, we could bring back the pride of fabric and fashions Made in the USA.

Hemp biodiesel is an entirely renewable fuel option that would dramatically reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Unlike Ethanol, Hemp Biodeisel would not destroy the ecosystem as genetically modified corn products have been shown to do in recent years. Affecting honeybees and butterflies health, the GMO corn products that were pushed on farmers to go into Ethanol have not lived up to expectations. Their mutant pollen travels on the wind and contaminates heirloom corn crops, leading to genetically unnatural food products that distress our immune systems and cause a wide range of health problems.

All of these new industry sectors would lead to the creation of millions of new jobs. Farming, harvesting, delivery, processing, manufacturing, distribution, retailing sectors all would be invigorated with new life.

Trees, a slow growing resource that are hard to replace, should be allowed to grow back in tall, lush, well established forests with a tall canopy to improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Fields of fast growing hemp have many benefits. The hemp plant's deep root systems lead to healthier soil within just one growing season. Most of our current farms are suffering from generations of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Year after year of planting the same few cash crops has drastically diminished the nutritional value of our soil, and as a result, our food.

Instead of the dark, black, alive soil that we should be growing our food in, most farms you see now have dead-looking light brown dust or clay that has had all the nutrition and life taken out of it over the years. Growing hemp and composting with the richly nutritious leaf trimmings could return farms to the vibrant soil quality we need to produce the healthiest fruits and vegetables possible.

The tall, fast growing stalks of hemp are literally overflowing with broad, dark green leaves which are superior oxygen producers that would help clean the damaging greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, out of the air. Using hemp to create all our paper needs would clean the air and let the overall tree population of the planet reach a healthy balance once more.

At the outset of the Industrial Revolution, the use of hemp for paper and fuel was shot down due to pressure from billionaire lumber barons and petrochemical industry leaders of the time who worried selfishly that hemp would reduce their profits. This shortsighted attitude neglected to consider the long term effects on human health and the environment a couple generations of uprooting healthy trees to create short lived disposable paper products would have! It takes fifteen or twenty years to grow one tree and to see that much effort torn down just to wipe our behinds and blow our noses is just a travesty. We can no longer afford to allow the materialistic financial interests of powerful industries to outweigh all common sense and the urgent needs of our environment.

The current federal budget deficit will never be reduced if taxes are considered the main source of income for the government. Instead, the government should form a new green industry cooperative using industrial hemp to pave the way to a more healthy, balanced future for generations to come.

Hemp could be grown on cooperative farms, giving meaningful employment to veterans and people with disabilities, as well as to the unemployed. The new manufacturing companies that would be created to make paper and textile products from hemp would create millions of new jobs, just what we need to reinvigorate the economy.

Due to the rapid growth of Industrial Hemp, benefits could be seen in just one growing season, rather than being delayed for multiple decades. The government should do everything possible to help get the Industrial Hemp sector started, rather than timidly backing the special interests' decisions made behind closed doors generations ago.

Imagine how great an impact just a few years worth of proceeds from products made from hemp could have towards helping us end poverty, improving education, health care, social security, and slowing the alarming damage rapid deforestation is causing our environment. With this one significant policy change it wouldn't be long before we could all breathe a sigh if relief!

Recommended Reading

Herer, Jack. The Emperor Wears No Clothes: Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy 12th Edition.
YouTube: watch Hemp for Victory

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Love Bubble- A One Minute Soul Healing Technique

As a spiritual soul clearing and strengthening exercise, you can use the BlissEffect Love Bubble technique...this is the most updated technique after the Love Laser and is great for surrounding your entire SOUL with Bliss and Light.

1-Send LOVE down with your hands to the center of the earth...

2-Send LOVE up with your hands to the center of the Universe...

3-Turn slowly clockwise, sending Love through all space all time...

4-Turn slowly counterclockwise, sending Love to All LIFE EVERYWHERE...

5-Send gratitude up to the Universe and Heaven...

6-Send gratitude down, to the center of the earth...

7-Join your hands palm to palm in front of you, Namaste!

I try to use this technique daily or more often, often adding new affirmations or prayers as a send love to the Earth and Universe. As a "LightDance" additional use of this prayerful light working healers practice, I often gently stream divine healing love energy out through my hands to all life everywhere...while I dance, lately, mostly alone at home listening to SiriusXM techno/trance channels. Hope it helps, this planet needs all the healing love we can put out there!

It is still the republican's economy!

I saw a Republican business meeting on C-SPAN a few months ago where the business leaders were challenging their fellow Republicans not to hire any new employees until after they "voted Obama out of office". This appalling conspiracy to make the economy look worse than it actually is just to hurt Pres. Obama really demonstrates the lack of ethics and compassion that this money oriented profit oriented wealthy oriented Republican Party has. I hope everyone I know got out to vote today and voted with your takes a lot more than four years to correct what basically two decades of Mistakes from just say no to NAFTA to the Iraq Poppy war, the damage republican policies have done to our will take a lot longer to heal than just four years. Pres. Obama is so much more equipped to handle this than Mitt Romney, who I doubt has ever spent a week at the end of a month with no money and food pantries as the only way to survive.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Waging Peace...a How To Guide

My friend Gracie recently posed a question, as we sat in a workshop by Peace X Peace (pronounced “peace by peace”) - HOW are we going to "make peace". Well, the first answer that came to my mind is to BE peace - then listen to your heart for ways to walk that peace in your day to day are a few suggestions for How to Wage Peace in a world that seems to have forgotten...

1) BE aware that you are One Human connected to every other Human being - this connection exists despite the illusion of separation created sometimes by religion, nationality, race, region, language and personality. It is when we put this awareness into practice that we find our freedom from FEAR.

2) Wear a funny hat or a special piece of jewelery - build your own "waging peace" uniform. Maybe its a tie die t-shirt, a hemp necklace, a feather boa, or a fun scarf, maybe its just putting on a funny tie with that suit you have to wear. Learn how to show your true colors, your own way. Above all, wear comfortable shoes as walking and dancing require support.

3) Wear a symbol of your decision to be a peacemaker and wear it PROUDLY. Suggestions: a Peace Sign pin, or maybe a Circle, if you want to be a little subtler. Anything with the word LOVE is a good thing to wear around too. If you drive a car, find positive bumper stickers to spread new ideas that may enlighten those who read them.

4) Ask your higher self what one small thing you can do today to help "wage peace". Be prepared for some interesting results as you follow the suggestions you receive.

5) Create a mission for yourself, whether it is an event or a specific goal, such as creating a non-profit organization or writing a book. Pour as much of yourself into it as you can manage for now, knowing that everything you need will come as you become ready to receive it! (allowing!)

6) Seek others of like mind to join you in a circle - and remember, if it isn't relatively effortless and/or incredibly fun - you can still do better! Find a way to gather and learn and celebrate any auspicious occasion. Share ideas, laugh, sing, dance, drum, meditate: learn to co-create.

7) Spend as little time as possible speaking of, protesting, or worrying about that 3 letter W word. Most of all, try to help raise awareness of the powerful vibration of simple words - begin a campaign to remove all signs and slogans that focus on what we do not want. Mention Peace...not its opposite. Work for peace...not against its opposite (which would be creating the very negative vibration we wish to eliminate from our reality...).

8) Learn to receive dream guidance and to notice signs and syncronicities. They will help you find your own unique Purpose. They will make you fearless in knowing your own special Role in this little adventure.

9) Above all, take nothing personally. If some are made uncomfortable by your bold stand, just know that might be what opens their mind enough to consider a new way of being that they never knew was possible.

10) Take absolutely the best possible care of your Self that you are able to at present, and continually seek ways to take even better care of your Self...Mind, Body, AND SPIRIT.

11) What we focus our intent, our attention, our energy on....we create! Help pass on that knowledge...turn off the TV or leave the room if something negative appears, or at least, send out your Love Laser to help bring light to the situation. Start asking people in the media to be aware of this "law of the universe" so we can stop unconsioucly creating more of what we don't want. We should be hearing more GOOD news than BAD, in other words...there is much work to do, but if we start doing it together we will see the positive change we've been longing for.