Monday, August 19, 2013

A Miracle Vision: Sacred Herbs and my Journey to Enlightenment, Part 5

A Miracle Vision: God and Archangel Michael’s Thank You for my Efforts

One summer morning in the middle of the Marijuana Policy Project e-mail gathering drive, I was visiting at a friend’s house, sitting outside on a big sandstone rock. It was such a beautiful day and I was filled with more appreciation and bliss than usual after smoking just a tiny amount of marijuana. As a practitioner of the Flower of Life meditation, I decided it was a good time to do my sacred MerKaBah meditation. After the meditation, I walked around the front of the house. I could not believe my eyes! I saw the letter “H” in the clouds! I kept walking to my left and as I continued walking, each step revealed a different letter…next I saw the letter “I” – then a space, then…


The message HI LAUREEN was spelled out in the clouds, with bright blue sky showing through, forming each letter as if etched by some miraculous engraver – Archangel Michael tells me it was his and God’s thank you to me for listening to my Higher Purpose Dreams and taking serious action. I also saw a triangular formation of cartoon carachters off to the left, it looked as if bugs bunny, porky pig, and daffy duck were looking down at my from the clouds. Off to the right, I saw the Egyptian Key of Life, the Ankh – also etched into the clouds like a true miracle. I wish I had a camera with me to share that image - It was such a huge miracle gift and the greatest activation of my Flower of Life MerKabah I had experienced in the year following the Flower of Life workshop ( ). I am convinced sacred Ganga plant was placed here on the planet for our overall spiritual and physical well being, and to keep it from us is literally a crime! The combination of that plant along with meditation is truly the key to achieving enlightenment.

Here’s a short poem that just flowed out of me after one day collecting e-mails at the Milwuakee Summerfest:

It’s not a weed, it’s a flower!
It was placed here on Earth,
For us all
by a Higher Power!

It grows from a seed -
With just sunlight and water!
It doesn’t make you dumb,
It makes you smarter!

Gene and I had set up a blanket with our petition clipboard and this poem at the Summerfest, right in front of the beer tent. At one point, a security guard told me his boss had told him to ask us to leave. He said he had just taken a class on spirituality at the local community college and read about Yogananda and ganga and believed we were doing a good thing. He said we could stay as long as we folded up our blanket and just carried our petition a little less obviously.

Learning to Send Love: Love Laser Dream Trilogy

I felt I had done all I could on the herbal medicine mission and was looking for a next step to help bring world peace. For three nights in a row I had dreams teaching me about the power of LOVE (I began calling the technique my "Love Laser").

In the first dream I was shown a battle scene in Iraq, and then taught by example how to send the intent of pure healing Spiritual LOVE Energy their way. I felt the dream teaching me how to bring peace by actively sending out Love energy through my heart, third-eye and raised hands. After sending love, the battle immediately dispersed.

The second night, I had a similar teaching dream. This time I was witness to an inner city setting and some violent incident just escalating out of control. I sent my "Love Laser" into the heart of the crowd and instantly everyone just stopped and moved away, wondering what they had been fighting for.

The third night the setting was a little more abstract. I saw what looked like a world made only of lines of light. What appeared to be an ominous dark, shape of some new and horrible energy weapon appeared before me. I used the "Love Laser" and this weapon was rendered harmless.

As if to emphasize the importance of this, I got a real world confirmation the next day. Two friends invited us over to watch a movie, and they had rented Matrix: Revolutions to watch on their DVD. We were not paying the closest attention to the movie, spending more time talking with each other and watching their growing family of Beta fish. However, my attention came into very clear focus for the scene where Neo and Trinity joined hands and used their focused LOVE energy as a life saving power against the enemy machine weapons.

I really was stunned. This time I had a series of three dreams which were then reinforced though the simple synchronicity of watching a movie confirm the awesome power of LOVE.

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