Monday, August 19, 2013

Asking for a Sign to Help Overcome Fear: Sacred Herbs and Enlightenment Part 2

Why I Feared Speaking the Truth

I woke up in a state of shock, really. This seemed to me at once both simple and somewhat scary. Hadn’t Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon both been assassinated after simply sharing dreams of peace this simple and elegant? I had researched John Lennon’s FBI files online ( ) and it seemed that our government went after him primarily for advocating peace and being caught using cannabis plant medicine.

My doubts and fears made me question God’s direct response to my prayer. “NO, that can’t be right. Could it?” I thought. Since pot is illegal, for all these strange reasons, this felt like a scary, dangerous truth for God to be asking me to spread the news about.

Asking for a Clear Sign

Before I went to sleep the next night, I asked God: “If telling the world that smoking pot is really, honestly my soul’s Higher Purpose then I will need a sign God – Please, not just a little sign I might miss, but one so clear it will be like a ton of bricks hitting me on the head (figuratively speaking)!" Thank goodness I thought to add the phrase, figuratively speaking.

At first, the next day I woke up a little disappointed, because I had no majorly important dreams that I could recall - just a few brief and clear images of being at a crowded music festival and having an information table with a little space to share the content of my Higher Purpose dream – a similar dream came the following night, making it a powerful series of three dreams in a row, just like the ones about being more playful came in a set of three.

I was home alone because Gene was visiting his brother. I told him my dream on the phone the next morning, and just sharing the story made my energy skyrocket – pure adrenaline. I told him I was afraid I’d get shot if I ran around telling people that! I let him know I was still waiting for the sign I asked for.

A TRIPLE Synchronicity

Later that day, I noticed that our dog Hutch was acting a little stir crazy. He just wouldn’t stop barking! I went into the bedroom and there he was on the bed, just barking in the most insistent way. The dog looked at me, then turned his head and looked directly at our alarm clock and it read - 1:11! I smiled, thinking that might be the sign I had asked for! I had frequently noticed that number on my computer while working, along with a feeling the Angels were giving me a “high five”.

Later that day, Hutch was in the living room barking up a storm. I thought maybe his ball was under the couch so I went to see. He looked at the clock on our VCR, then he turned and looked at me – I checked xthe time and it was 3:33! We hardly ever set the VCR clock, so the fact that it wasn’t just blinking 12:00, 12:00, 12:00 was a miracle all by itself.

Around 4:30 that afternoon my friend Liz was visiting and we were talking and reading healing books at the kitchen table. Hutch was barking like mad and looking right at the dream log where I had been writing down all my dreams. An Angel seemed to be telling him to tell me to share my dream story with Liz.

I grabbed the book and told Liz how I had been asking God to show me my Higher Purpose, and told her the story up to my most recent dreams and the fact that I’d asked for a sign but hadn’t dreamed anything significant the night before. Instead, Hutch had barked at the clocks at 1:11 and 3:33.

Before I could even ask her what she thought, Hutch again started barking very insistently in the bedroom. I got up from the kitchen table, and again went to see what he was barking about. He looked at the clock one more time, then looked at me - this time it was 5:55!

OK, that was Definitely Absolutely THE sign I was asking God to give me - that it happened at three different times, 1:11, 3:33 and 5:55 made it so obviously not just a coincidence or my imagination.

Facing Fears of Government Oppression

I didn’t know what to make of all this! The mere thought of speaking up in public about these beautiful dreams and synchronicities triggered fears I didn’t even know I faced. I knew marijuana was illegal, but really did not understand why. I had tried alcohol in college and ended up suffering from three traumatic date rapes first semester of Freshman year, before I learned how dangerous that legal substance is and to stay away from it.

Cannabis is so much milder a relaxation tool, and is an all natural gift to us from Heaven! Unlike alcohol, it doesn’t cause you to lose track of your personal values or to black out, lose consciousness, nor does it cause domestic violence. It took a couple months of diligent searching for the truth before I had enough confidence in the facts to take action in the real world.

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