Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Anomalies in United States Presidential Election 2004

Back in 2004 I noticed an alarming anomaly after the so-called final election results came back. First off, do you remember back in 2004, it seemed like everyone thought John Kerry would win! Given the entire future of our planet was at stake we were all even extra motivated to help correct the mistake of 2000 election. The entire country and world was protesting Bush and the Iraq War and the energy at Kerry rallies was gigantically enormous and positive and almost awe-inspiring scene of almost ten blocks of Madison Wisconsin’s capitol filled with Kerry supporters. It really seemed like if elections were fair he’d have won by a landslide. 

I had recently become too sick to work full time. But I made time to work with America Coming Together in Madison, WI - a part-time job promoting progressive voting ideals without outwardly endorsing any individual seemed relatively cool way to pay rent that month. 

It turned out to be a really alarming eye-opener into how deeply corrupt our election process has become. 

One address we went that was on the list of places we were asked to drop of literature was a senior independent living center. The man and women we visited that day informed us with grave concern that they had discovered a stack of absentee ballots they had mailed thrown in the maintenance man’s trash can. 

They were not sure how many other votes got tossed. 

The maintenance man overheard them telling us this and threatened to call the police.

We left the floor despite the residents telling him and us they welcomed us to stay, but chose to wait patiently sitting on a bench in the lobby until the Madison Police arrived. 

We made sure they created a police report solely to document these seniors’ complaint that their Democratic absentee ballots were tossed in the trash by a conservative maintenance man. 

My husband and I wound up with a “Disorderly Conduct” report but I hope it will be worth it if it helps finally expose and end this kind of rampant corruption. 

We were driving rental vans we had used to drive people to the polls the day before back to the rental agency the morning after the election. We were shocked when we heard that despite the night before’s promise “to count every vote before calling the election”, that Kerry had already somehow changed his mind and conceded to Bush. I cried that day, for the total loss of democracy this egregious flip-flop represented. 

The second facet of my report might not have stood out to me so much if I hadn’t already experienced first-hand the fact that the election results had been criminally influenced right in front of our eyes!

What stood out most in my post-traumatic voters distress was the state of Montana. They had a ballot issue on Medical Marijuana which passed by a large majority. The Democratic Governor was also elected with a wide margin. But wait a minute! Why and how were the votes for President the exact opposite of the vote count totals for Medical Marijuana and the Governor?!

Anomalies in United States 2004 Presidential Election in Montana 
Medical Marijuana Initiative I-148
Yes Votes
No votes
Governor/Lt Governor 
Democrat Votes
Republican Votes
President/Vice President
Democrat Votes
Republican Votes (wtf?!)

These results just did not seem right when you realize the votes for President seem to be flipped, with Bush’s margin of alleged victory nearly the exact opposite of what one would expect living on the ground in America.

Would a state vote pro-democratic ideals in most cases but vote just exactly the opposite on the president vote count?  After all the anti-bush protests of the year 2000 election and how the Supreme Courts massive faux-pas caving in early in a frenzy of hanging chads in Florida’s recount and nationwide protests left us all stunned. Then came 9/11 and the fake WMD allegations that were used to start the war we may someday call World War Three. The post- y2k Bush Opium War still has not ended.   Millions of Americans have given up battling their deep depression and inability to get adequate care within the health care system and have given up and died since then. 

I wonder what could have been done differently. If we really understood the consequences of letting the theft of our planet and country to go unchallenged in 2000 and 2004. Now in 2016 all the corrupt voting schemes came out from the electoral college super delegates throwing the primaries from the obvious most widely supported candidate, Bernie Sanders. 

Michael Moore’s New Documentary Fahrenheit 11/9 shows in detail how the votes of the people were ignored in the primaries. Hillary seemed like not really the best candidate after all the corruption during her husbands’ whitewater financial deals and affairs and intern Monica Lewinsky. 

It is amazing Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think Trump is worthy of the impeachment process. Just because veteran politicians maybe still feel burned by the right-wing media created fiasco the Clinton impeachment was about. This time around the crimes are worse, corrupt to the core! Trump stole the election. We need to impeach not because trump is worth it - because the American People are worth it! Democracy is worth it!  We let Bush steal eight years which plunged our whole planet into war and darkness. We must not keep letting white collar crime pay!  

If I could find a way to time travel and go back and let us do this over, I would.  

In a heartbeat. 

Would you?