Friday, July 12, 2019

Attracting Miracles: BlissEffect in Action

Between 2006 and 2018 all our pets: hutch, then Oliver, then Althea, then Starski then even old JB the most aloof grey cat ever; had died of old age one after the other. 

It was getting lonely. 

One evening Gene and I discussed again for at least the fifth time how awesome it would be to have a new furry family member to play with. We agreed we wouldn’t go looking for one. We knew that when we were ready, our next pet would find us!

Just two weeks later Gene was bringing me home from a trip to the Emergency Room - probably food poisoning (I cut the moldy top off a juicy pineapple and thought the rest was ok to eat. Oops, was that ever wrong!  It may be because my immune system is already badly compromised with this chronic neurotoxin pfiesteria piscidia I contracted from a cut on my foot in the waters of the Carribean. It made me so sick I had to go to the ER to get fluids restored by IV and get my pain meds stabilized. When I couldn’t even keep a pain pill down with a sip of water for over 18 hours, the pain in my spine from degenerative disc disease had quickly become unbearable).  So I spent two days in the hospital getting nursed back to health. 

It was November 4 when I got discharged from the hospital. We pulled into the driveway just after dark. Suddenly, we heard a loud sound coming from under our front porch: “meeeow”!

Gene looked and saw a small black kitten crouched in the corner. He put some food in our haveaheart trap and within a minute she walked in and triggered the trap to close behind her. 

We have had a huge feral cat population around our neighborhood so we worried she’d be skittish, frightened, or mean. 

We let her out of the trap and guess what?! She immediately jumped into my arms and started to purr!

She has turned out to be the best cat ever! The first time we showed her the new litter box, she figured it out immediately and never had a single accident. She absolutely amazes us on a daily basis with her completely unique personality. 

I named her Anandamaya (a beautiful Sanskrit term meaning ‘the realization of Bliss.”)

She comes to us when we call her name. Not always on the first call but usually by the second or third which is still pretty unusual for a cat. She runs to greet us at the door when we return from an outing of any length of time!

She jumps across 2-3 feet of space directly onto Genes shoulders, nuzzles his neck and purrs. It’s like the warmest hug ever!

He brought home a pair of catnip filled furry mice and Anandamaya started a new game - she taught us she likes to play fetch! She will drop the mouse an inch from our hands to show she is ready to play.  We throw it across the room and she flies through the air in a single leap to run and catch it, turns around and brings it right back. We play fetch 5-10 times or more - until she decides she’s had enough. Then she usually hides her mousie so we know she is ready for a rest!  

Neither of us have ever had a cat that plays fetch. We almost suspect the spirit of Hutch is hanging out with us making this kitten play just like a good puppy!

This is a wonderful example of creating what you want with the Law of Attraction! Focussing with positive energy on attracting what you want to see in your life is often as simple as discussing it with positive energy and knowing and trusting that what is meant to be the Universe will provide by bringing it to you or at least showing you the signs you need to know what to do. 

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