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Kahuna teachings on the higher self, the middle self and the lower self

The following is an excerpt from Book 2 of the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvelo Melchizedek. It was a couple years after I had attended the Flower of Life workshop and learned the MerKaBa meditation that I picked this book up again and it opened to this section. I realized that just as described below, Mother Earth had let me think that my connection to her was a connection to my Higher Self. After I read this again, I realized how funny that was. After a good laugh, I asked to connect to my Higher Self, for REAL. Some pretty amazing things happened almost immediately. Read the following and then try it...have fun with may notice dreams and synchronicities like never before...

The Three Levels of the Self

We think of ourselves as living on Earth in this human body, but have you ever considered that you may exist on another level, or even levels, of life at the same time you are here? This is the belief of many of the Earth's indigenous peoples, such as the Maya and the kahunas of Hawaii. They see us as multidimensional beings literally living other lives in other worlds, which is the 'truth', from everything I know.

Under normal conditions we humans are consciously connected to these other parts of ourselves, but because of the Fall during the time of Atlantis, we are separated from our higher selves. When we do connect and it becomes a reality, we live life in a manner that would seem impossible to us now. We can see the past and future clearly and are able to make decisions based on higher knowledge, which affects our spiritual growth in positive ways. This we have lost due to our actions long ago. These higher levels of ourselves that exist in other dimensions are called our higher self or higher selves if we consider it from the bigger picture- though to think of our higher self as a single being is right and wrong at the same time. There is only One Being in the universe, yet there are many levels that exist within this One Being.

Your higher self is connected to even higher selves. So there are higher selves connected to higher selves connected to higher selves. Each higher self is on a different level of consciousness that is still larger and more encompassing, until finally the ultimate level is reached before transcending his waveform universe of dimensions altogether. Each person has the capability of existing within every possible level of consciousness at the same moment, but this is rare. So it is similar to a lineage or a family tree that grows upward until finally connects with God and all life. But we were separated from our multidimensional self at one point when we, as the human race, fell to this present third-dimensional consciousness. There was a division that took place.
We fell so far down in consciousness that the other aspects of ourselves could no longer communicate. Although we are not, for the most part, aware of our higher selves, they have always been aware of us.

As time has progressed since the "Fall," communication has been sporadic and rare. Our higher selves have mostly waited for us to awake. They have been waiting for the right moment in time. It's been kind of a one-way separation-they are aware of us, but we are not aware of them.

If the kahunas of Hawaii are correct, our higher selves have placed us on hold and are out there playing and communicating with each other, preparing for the day when we will wake up to the rest of life. Most of us have not truly connected with our higher selves for almost 13,000 years, except for short periods of grace and light.

This reconnection with your higher self is not channeling or anything of that nature. It is just a reconnecting of your own essence and spirit to itself. Perhaps, more accurately, it is a remembering-a re-membering, bringing the various members of spirit back together. Some people call it the soul. For me, I see only spirit. I see Great Spirit, and all spirits that come from that source are just a portion of Great Spirit. In this view we are all related to Great Spirit, or God. Some of the connotations of the word "soul" imply that souls are different from each other and are somehow unrelated. To me, all souls or spirits are from the same source. If you want to see God as our Father/Mother, then we are all brothers and sisters in the entire universe.

What I have found-and it has been found by almost all native tribes in the world-is that we have this higher aspect within us. If we can make the connection with conscious communication, we then get clear guidance from within us about how to move moment by moment in life. The movements become filled with grace and power, with little or no effort. This guidance comes from only you, and it cares about you in the same way you care about yourself. And it's a guidance that you could never figure out or understand from this third-dimensional level.

A side note: Superimposed over the levels of life and the higher selves is what many people call the Spiritual Hierarchy. The Spiritual Hierarchy is composed of beings who have been given responsibility for organizing and running the government of the universe. The Spiritual Hierarchy is inter- woven with our higher selves and is not directly related to us. Just because you connect with your higher self does not mean that you have connected with the Spiritual Hierarchy. I bring this subject up only as a reference, to answer the question before it is asked.

Following is the example that the angels originally gave me when I was trying to understand how the higher self could see so clearly. Suppose you were rowing down a river in a canoe. Let's say you're in a jungle and it's the blue skies and green water of the Amazon. There's foliage all over. You're having a good time, just row, row, rowing your boat down the stream of life. And when you look behind you, you can see only a little way. The trees are so high on each side of the river that you can't see outward or beyond the bend.

Your memory of the river goes back only a little, and that's all you can see. As you pass the bend into the next area of the river, you kind of forget the past. You can remember a little bit, but the farther you go down the river, the more unclear it gets in your memory. You can look ahead and see the next bend, so you can see ahead into the future up to the next bend in the river, but after that you don't have any idea what's coming up. You've never been on this river before.

Your higher self is like a huge eagle flying high over your head. Your higher self is in another dimension and perceives time spherically. It sees the past, the present and the future all occurring simultaneously. It can see way back along the river, way, way, way back, much farther than you can, , and it has a good memory. It can see far into the future, too. It has limitations, but they're expanded. It's a fantastic view compared to yours on the river, so it can see things as they're about to happen. It can also see relationships in the reality that you, from this human place, just simply can't see because of your position. Let's say you're following the instructions of your higher self, and your higher self, a great bird, comes down to you and says, "Hey, take your canoe over to the side of the stream here and get out now."

If I didn't follow my inner guidance very well, I might say, "Oh, I don't want to do that. It's beautiful, you know. No, let's wait awhile, and then I will leave." But if I were following the guidance of my higher self, I would I simply do it and ask few questions. Then the higher self might say, "Carry your boat through the jungle." So you carry your canoe over logs and tree roots and red-ant hills, and you're thinking, "Oh man, these higher selves!" If you have been following your inner guidance, you know what I mean.

You're going through all these changes, moving this heavy canoe through the jungle, wondering why the higher self has asked you to do this seemingly crazy act. You might go for half a mile through this dense jungle before you reach the river again and can look back up the river. From there you see that around that last bend was a 500-foot waterfall crashing onto massive rocks. Had you continued as your ego had wanted, you would have been killed. But because you changed your path and went another way, you continue to live on Earth. You avoided a disaster by following an invisible inner guidance that has an ancient wisdom.

I used to give a technique for reconnecting with higher self. I now realize that this technique works only under certain conditions. It worked for me, but I didn't realize that it actually didn't work for me in the way I originally thought it did. Why doesn't it work for someone else? I tried to understand but at first I couldn't.

I had tried for many years, but I just could not understand it. I finally asked my higher self. I usually wait until I can't figure it out any other way.) I asked the angels, "Please, just tell me. Show me what it is." A whole series of events happened after that, one after another, each leading to a better understanding. .

The first thing that happened right after I asked for help was at a work shop I was giving in the state of Washington in Olympia. A man there was in his sixties, a native Hawaiian. When I saw him, I could not understand why he was at this workshop, because I could see that he didn't need to be there.

I waited awhile before I approached him, and I finally said, "What are you doing here?" He said, "I don't know."

"Oh, okay. Neither one of us knows why you're here." So I went back to teaching and waited a long time.

A couple of days later I was talking with him and said, "What do you do?" He said that he was a kahuna from Hawaii. "What do you teach?"

He said, "I teach only one thing, and that's how to connect with higherself."

"Oh. . ." So when it came time for me to talk about the higher self at the workshop, I said, "Just a minute." I sat down in the audience after asking the kahuna from Hawaii to talk about the higher self. He talked for an hour and a half to two hours about connecting to higher self from a Huna point of view. It was perfect for me.

This talk changed my understanding. From the way I had understood it through my experience, there was me and there was higher self, because, that's what my life seemed to tell me. But the kahuna made it clear that we are divided into three parts-the higher self, the middle self and the lower self. I should have known, since everything is broken up into thirds. Since that time with the kahuna, I have had many experiences that have made the following clear. If we are the middle self in our duality consciousness, ' then what are the other two selves, the higher and lower selves? We will slowly explain who and what they are, but it is most important to understand that one cannot reach or connect with the higher self until one has first reached and connected with the lower self. Spirit must first move downward before it can reach to the heavens. This teaching has been verified in so many ways in my life. So we will begin by explaining what the lower self is.

The Lower Self-Mother Earth
In the most straightforward terms, the lower self is your unconscious mind. But contrary to the popular thought that the unconscious mind is connected only with yourself and your personal unconscious thoughts, this unconscious mind of the lower self is connected with all other human beings on Earth (Jung's collective unconscious), and it intimately knows every individual person's unconscious mind also. Further, it knows the un- conscious minds of not only every human alive, but also everyone who has ever lived on Earth in the past as well as everyone who will live on Earth in the future. Yes, your subconscious mind knows the past and the future in detail, at least relative to the Earth. In addition to that, your lower self knows everything associated with all life on this planet, not just human-in other words, the entire living biosphere. It is a perfect record. And this lower self is alive and comes across as a single being communicating with you. It is Mother Earth herself! She is your lower self.

To be clear, the lower self is the Earth and all life on, in and above her. I am not sure at this time if the Moon is included with the lower self. It probably is, but I am not certain.

According to the Hawaiian kahunas, and really to most other indigenous peoples of the world, Mother Earth is a young child about two to six years old, depending on who you talk to. She is always a child, because she is a child.

To connect with your lower self, it is believed by indigenous peoples worldwide that you must begin by loving her and playing with her. Adult sophistication and all its technological thinking and trappings will not work to connect with the Mother. She is usually not interested. You could meditate for hours every day, you could spend all your time doing nothing but I trying to connect with the Mother, but usually it is a waste of time. The harder you try, the less likely that anything will happen. Why? Because she will connect only with the innocent child within you. And of course most of us have lost our childhood innocence. We have lost the pathway to know and consciously connect with the Mother. Your inner child must be remembered and lived if you wish to proceed. Even Jesus said it: "Except ye become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven...' Let's look at ourselves, our adult side that thinks it knows so much. You may have a master's or doctor's degree from one of the great universities of the world; you may be considered an expert in your field; you may even be famous and very highly respected. But if you wish to know Mother Earth, you must put all that aside and completely forget it. She is not impressed. Mother Earth loves children, and if your childlike nature and your innocence are allowed to emerge from the muck of your adulthood, then something real can begin in your spiritual life.

When the kahunas want to find fish, for example, they ask Mother Earth for substance. And she will answer them. The answer might very well come from within the reality itself. The clouds might turn into a human hand and point to the place where the fish are. The kahunas get in their boat and when they reach the spot that the Mother told them about, where the fish are. This is a way of living with nature that civilized mankind has completely lost, although a few indigenous tribes and Earth keepers still live that way.

Now let's look at you. You are at work or school, say, and you decide to home. You reach in your pocket for your keys. Immediately your thoughts are in the future. You are already thinking about your car and go- home. Once you get to your car and start it up, you are thinking in the future again. You are thinking about the drive home or your lover or perhaps even your cat or dog, but you are more than likely not thinking about what is right before your eyes. You are still in the future or the past. But from the present can we truly experience anything. The present is usually too painful for most people to participate in. Did you really look at the beauty all around you? Did you see the sunset? Did you see the billowing white clouds in the sky? Did you smell the air, or did you decide not to because it was filled with pollution? Did you see the incredible beauty of the colors of nature? Did you feel love for Mother Earth? Did any of your senses function except what was necessary to drive home? This is the problem. Our adult lives are deadened, and we are only living a shadow of what is humanly possible.

Have you ever noticed children when they are experiencing nature? They become lost in sensing the great beauty all around them, so much so that they sometimes are seemingly in another world. Do you remember?

If you wish to connect with your lower self, with Mother Earth, you must find your inner child and become a child again. Play with the Mother, have fun, really enjoy life. It means living a life that is joyous. It does not mean play-acting like a child and making silly sounds and faces-unless, of course, that is what is really coming from your heart. It means living your life in the way you really want to, not in the way that someone else feels you should. It means caring about people and about animals and other life, because you can feel the connection, not because it will profit you somehow.

I didn't understand what had happened to me at the time the angels appeared. All I knew was that I had given up on living life according to the rules that seemed to have no meaning. I had begun to live a life that I really loved. I had moved to the mountains of Canada, where I had always wanted to live. I moved deep into the forest because I had always wanted to do that. I wanted to see if I could live on nothing, and I became very close to nature. I had no fear. As I watched the sunrise, every day was like a new birth into life for me. Each day was special. I played music most of the day, which was my dream. I had to work hard for about three hours a day, but the rest of the time was mine. I loved life, and I still do. The seeds that were sown in those early years are still growing in my life today.

It was then, at the peak of this Canadian experience, when the angels appeared to me and my wife. It was the beginning of a lifelong love of life. It was a silent key to higher consciousness, but at the time I didn't understand. As I have found, in order to begin a true spiritual life, one begins in nature as a child. Once a true connection with your lower self has happened-and only then, according to the kahunas-you may connect with the higher self. It will be Mother Earth who decides if you are ready, and when she feels you are, she will introduce you to this grand part of yourself that we call the higher self. No amount of force or determination, no amount of begging or crying or feeling sorry for yourself, will bring this to you. Only love, innocence and a great deal of patience will allow you to find your way. You have to forget about trying. You even have to forget that you are connecting to Mother Earth. You simply must live life from your heart and not your mind. Your mind will function, but under the control of the heart.

The Higher Self-All That Is
Okay, if the Earth is the lower self, then what is the higher self? It is simple. The higher self is everything else in existence. All the planets, the stars/suns, the galaxies, the other dimensions--everything is your higher self. It is you. This is why there are higher selves to the higher selves as you expand into the infinite. The experience of the higher self is very different from the experience of Mother Earth.

Consider this for what it may be: Mother Earth will often play with you and tell you that she is your higher self, using the words that she knows will get your attention. She may come to you in your meditation and tell you she is your higher self and that you must listen to her. She may instruct you to do all kinds of earthly things, like run all over the world doing projects for her. But she is just playing, and you are taking her seriously, not realizing that it is just a game.

If you ask her to tell the truth, whether she is really your higher self, she will never lie. She will laugh and tell you the truth. At this point you are supposed to laugh also and begin to play with her. But most adults will simply get mad and think they are being used. Then the connection is lost. This is why the kahunas always ask, when they connect with the higher self, if it is really the higher self. The Mother is a funny girl, but she is wonderful to know when your heart is pure. And what escapes most meditators' understanding is that Mother Earth is you.

The higher self knows everything that has ever been known by any life form anywhere, and everything is alive. And it knows everything that will ever happen in the future, just like Mother Earth, except that it is for all the rest of creation.

Once you are connected consciously to the lower and higher self, life becomes a completely different experience from anything you have known before. Life works through you, and your words and actions have great power because they are not from your little limited middle self. They are from all life, from all of creation. Nothing is outside you, everything is within you. And the truth of who you really are will begin to unfold.


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I found out why mocking is said to be in the end times:)
You can also frog leap or just plain leap through time, currently I am experimenting to do so without some unwanted side effects.

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man this is a nice passage...i just split with me fiancee and it was my 'eagle' which guided me to do that, now my other 2 selfs are struggling to deal with the decision that was made for me, it's nice read that it makes sense to me, i will take it with me as i negotiate the anthills!

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I wish I had read this 20 years ago. Today at 48 I am searching and have since learnt so much. Thank you for this information, its the beginning of the best of my life.
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