Tuesday, January 04, 2005


What if the solution to the world's problems were as simple as remembering the essential truth that we are all connected, and understanding that we each have the capacity to use Unlimited Source Energy/LOVE to create a brighter future for us all?

What was that Bob Marley song, "One Love" all about? Or the Beatles "All we need is Love" or "Bring me a Higher Love", etc. UNIVERSAL LOVE responds to your intention to create peace and balance - it travels on the original Network, what I call the "InnerNet".

We each can be Love Guerillas using the only technology that can possibly lead to an end to the "w/\r on terr*r" - LOVE ITSELF / the more you use it the more it grows. (If you're not sure what I'm talking about, Google this list: Reiki, Chakra, Prana, Chi, or just 'use the force' and let it teach you through experience...ps. it is unlimited and FREE and the MORE YOU GIVE, THE MORE YOU GET!)

Try this ANYTIME you want to send LOVE in all directions:

1) Hold your hands palms down towards the Earth - send your LOVE

2) Next put your hands palms up towards the Sky - send your LOVE

3) Then put your hands out palms facing straight ahead - send your LOVE (if you're feeling extra generous, turn slowly towards your right (clockwise) in a complete circle and send energy of LOVE out in all directions.)

Feel free to use this technique in any situation. I learned it when for three nights in a row I had dreams which taught me how to send the power of LOVE, through the HEART/MIND/HANDS.

In the first dream I was shown a battle scene in Iraq, and then taught by example how to send the intent of pure healing LOVE their way, by sending energy through my heart, third-eye and hands. The battle immediately dispersed.

The second night, I had a similar "lesson" this time observing an inner city setting and some violent incident just escalating out of control. I sent my "Love Laser" into the heart of the fight and instantly everyone just stopped and moved away.

The third night the “setting” was a little more abstract, and I saw what looked like a world made of lines of light, and what appeared to be the shape of some new and awesome ‘weapon’. I used the “Love Laser” and this weapon was rendered harmless.

As if to emphasize the importance of this, I got a real world confirmation. The next day, my friends Chris and Christy invited us over to watch a movie. We decided to watch Matrix: Revolutions for the first time and though we were not paying the closest attention to the movie, spending more time talking with each other and playing with their growing family of Betas, my attention came into very clear focus in a scene where LOVE was actually used as a weapon. I really was stunned. I need to see the movie again to really understand how it fit together, but this time I had a series of three dreams which were then reinforced though the simple synchronicity of watching a movie.

And several months later at the Halloween (10/31/2004) concert by the String Cheese Incident I first heard this Universal Human Light Tool mentioned in PUBLIC - they called it our “Love Laser”....especially needed to be sent to Washington DC at that time, NOW, the whole world...

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