Thursday, April 13, 2006

Waging Peace...a How To Guide

My friend Gracie recently posed a question, as we sat in a workshop by Peace X Peace (pronounced “peace by peace”) - HOW are we going to "make peace". Well, the first answer that came to my mind is to BE peace - then listen to your heart for ways to walk that peace in your day to day are a few suggestions for How to Wage Peace in a world that seems to have forgotten...

1) BE aware that you are One Human connected to every other Human being - this connection exists despite the illusion of separation created sometimes by religion, nationality, race, region, language and personality. It is when we put this awareness into practice that we find our freedom from FEAR.

2) Wear a funny hat or a special piece of jewelery - build your own "waging peace" uniform. Maybe its a tie die t-shirt, a hemp necklace, a feather boa, or a fun scarf, maybe its just putting on a funny tie with that suit you have to wear. Learn how to show your true colors, your own way. Above all, wear comfortable shoes as walking and dancing require support.

3) Wear a symbol of your decision to be a peacemaker and wear it PROUDLY. Suggestions: a Peace Sign pin, or maybe a Circle, if you want to be a little subtler. Anything with the word LOVE is a good thing to wear around too. If you drive a car, find positive bumper stickers to spread new ideas that may enlighten those who read them.

4) Ask your higher self what one small thing you can do today to help "wage peace". Be prepared for some interesting results as you follow the suggestions you receive.

5) Create a mission for yourself, whether it is an event or a specific goal, such as creating a non-profit organization or writing a book. Pour as much of yourself into it as you can manage for now, knowing that everything you need will come as you become ready to receive it! (allowing!)

6) Seek others of like mind to join you in a circle - and remember, if it isn't relatively effortless and/or incredibly fun - you can still do better! Find a way to gather and learn and celebrate any auspicious occasion. Share ideas, laugh, sing, dance, drum, meditate: learn to co-create.

7) Spend as little time as possible speaking of, protesting, or worrying about that 3 letter W word. Most of all, try to help raise awareness of the powerful vibration of simple words - begin a campaign to remove all signs and slogans that focus on what we do not want. Mention Peace...not its opposite. Work for peace...not against its opposite (which would be creating the very negative vibration we wish to eliminate from our reality...).

8) Learn to receive dream guidance and to notice signs and syncronicities. They will help you find your own unique Purpose. They will make you fearless in knowing your own special Role in this little adventure.

9) Above all, take nothing personally. If some are made uncomfortable by your bold stand, just know that might be what opens their mind enough to consider a new way of being that they never knew was possible.

10) Take absolutely the best possible care of your Self that you are able to at present, and continually seek ways to take even better care of your Self...Mind, Body, AND SPIRIT.

11) What we focus our intent, our attention, our energy on....we create! Help pass on that knowledge...turn off the TV or leave the room if something negative appears, or at least, send out your Love Laser to help bring light to the situation. Start asking people in the media to be aware of this "law of the universe" so we can stop unconsioucly creating more of what we don't want. We should be hearing more GOOD news than BAD, in other words...there is much work to do, but if we start doing it together we will see the positive change we've been longing for.

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