Monday, August 19, 2013

Acting on my Higher Purpose: Sacred Herbs and My Journey to Enlightenment, Part 4

Acting on My Higher Purpose

My first efforts to follow God and Archangel Michael’s guidance were tentative. I left my full time job due to several physically disabling conditions, and wasn’t capable of doing very much with the multiple illnesses I was suffering. However, I noticed the Marijuana Policy Project was paying a dollar for each email address collected in their membership petition drive. That summer, I collected over 400 email addresses at the Movement Festival in Detroit, Summerfest in Milwaukee, and at the Phish shows in Alpine Valley, as well as at sporadic other gatherings I ended up going to at the urging of my Higher Self.

I told the story of my Higher Purpose Dream and the follow up sign of Hutch barking at the clocks at 1:11, 3:33 and 5:55 to hundreds of people I collected e-mail addresses from – God’s message is clear: Pot is healthy! It is obviously better for us than tobacco or alcohol, which are both legal. It is time to make a major GLOBAL CHANGE and treat Ganga with somewhat fewer restrictions than cigarettes and alcohol. I feel certain that when Ganga is legalized and treated like the sacred panacea that it is, use of hard drugs will diminish, crime will be reduced, and people will start acting more like spiritually conscious evolved adults – we will be able to achieve happiness rather than just pursue it.

Archangel Michael and I got the inspiration to design a t-shirt with the Da Vinci Vitruvian Man in a circle and square, but with a smile on his face and a green pot leaf behind his image. This image is often used for healing arts practices so it seemed like a perfect Angel inspired project. It took several months and a couple friends to help, but we designed what we called the “Medicine Man” t-shirt and had it printed on 144 hemp blend shirts, and managed to sell a few here and there throughout the summer.

I organized several spiritual meditation and music events at the urging of the Angels leading me. We celebrated the Transit of Venus with a meditation circle in which I played the Daily Tune Up for the group then had music and a little potluck supper. I coordinated a Metaphysical Monday event for about a month. Then I helped organize two Earthdance events in Madison, free FUN-raisers - in my case, just to raise awareness about spiritual unity and Autism.

I later wrote a grant inquiry letter to Marijuana Policy Project which pointed out how odd it was the state passed Medical Marijuana and elected a Democratic Governor by a very similar margin to which the totally inscrutable decision to pass W forward for yet another term of STOLEN elections. Most of the planet remembers how the “Hanging Chad” process unfolded that he stole the election of 2000 over the state of Florida, and when Kerry lost in 2004 despite a huge majority of the American people believing in more altruistic and democratic values I proposed that by studying precinct by precinct return irregularities we could use a small amount of research dollars to prove the 2004 election had been rigged to cause George Bush to win. Unfortunately, the grant was not approved. I wish I had done more to let someone in charge know about my initial findings so they could investigate further, especially seeing how badly Bush tanked the economy with his nepotism and poor leadership into wars we did not need to start and could not afford.

I had heard that there were grants made to Afghanistan by the Republicans just before they started the war there. They were supposedly paying to have Opium Poppies eradicated, however the beating down they did just made the plants grow back stronger and just as Oliver North increased Cocaine trade in earlier conspiracies, George W. Bush clearly had his eyes on US control of the Heroin trade with this initiative and the subsequent seemingly endless war in Afghanistan.

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