Monday, March 06, 2006

Evolution From the Tomato Plant Progress Perspective

I just KNOW its true what i've read about the consciousness of the whole planet evolving, I could see it in the stories about all the Olympians and the challenges they've faced and in the recent "post Hurricane Katrina" follow up stories.

I know My life has evolved quite a bit in that time as well, and today I realized a silly little example that closely mirrors how I feel now versus how I felt three years ago. For the last three years we have had a small vegetable garden each summer (last year's was best as we realized the tap water was hurting the roots and we started collecting rain water to water the veggies with).

Today I was transplanting some 11 or 12 tomato starts a friend gave us, and I realized how much more that reflects the "effortless abundance" I've been learning to "co-create" than our Tomato plant progress in previous years. These plants are almost 5" tall already, and while we can't plant them outside for another Month at least, here in Wisconsin, they'll do GREAT in the window until then. Plus there were WORMS in the soil. Gives me some hope that Spring really IS almost here, even though we just got another 4" of snow yesterday...

Last year, on the Spring Equinox we had 10 seedlings just starting to sprout. They were about an inch tall. On the previous Spring Equinox (2004), we thought it was so awesome that we had 3 little seedlings just popping out of the soil.

So, at least as far as our Tomato plant progress goes, we're still two weeks before of the Equinox, and a few weeks ahead on growth...I predict its going to be a great summer! :0) Now if I could just get a couple pepper and cucumber plants and some lettuce we could make a salad by around June sometime.

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