Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Using UNITY to solve today's problems

Albert Einstein stated that "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them." In addition, he is attributed with this golden nugget of wisdom: "You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." However, today we see many nations trying to do just that. The sooner we recognize the futility of such actions the sooner we may finally notice that PEACE is what happens when we humans with our limited thinking brains are not involved (or at least, are not "in charge")!

This is basically a matter of TRUTH. There is only ONE TRUTH that is absolute, there is only ONE /LIGHT/. Duality consciousness sees a world of equal parts light and darkness, ie, Yin/Yang. However this is the level of consciousness at which we created the problem of war.
You see, in duality, "every action creates an equal and opposite reaction." Every time we go out to protest war, even with our greatest intent, the nature of duality means that we are also creating the opposite of what we seek...more war.

So if we are to believe Albert Einstein, we must rise to the highest level of consciousness, one step above DUALITY to that single TRUTH before seeking to solve any problem that was created from within the DUALITY.

So if we see our "two eyes" as the key witnesses to our dualistic reality, how can we begin to "take a step back" and see from that higher perspective that Einstein hinted at?

First, become aware of your "third eye" and its reference in past literature as the "one eye" (ie, if thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light, Matthew 6:22) and also be aware that your HEART is more than a muscle and even more than a chakra...its a connection to the ONE LIGHT that we all are born with, and which our culture may teach us to hold closed tight like a fist out of FEAR".

Basically, if your "one eye" is shut you will be easily decieved by what you see/hear. However if that eye is open, you can see beyond the surface to the REAL truth. If your HEART energy is used in creation, then it is built on a solid foundation - not the dualistic stage which has uncertain outcomes ie, the world of chaos.

Try this little energy exercise that "dawned on me" on 1.10.2005 as I was trying to find a way to rise above:
  1. Be aware of your energy and feel grounded, ie, connected deeply to the energy of the earth.
  2. Be aware of your energy and feel centered, ie, strongly united in your core column of energy.
  3. Place your awareness on your heart and the energy that surrounds it (stay here as long as you can, as often as you can). FEEL THE LOVE of UNCONDITIONAL TRUTH/LIGHT...
  4. Bring this energy, along with your awareness, into union with the energy of your Third Eye. Infuse your intention to allow LOVE and TRUTH to lift you into the state of UNITY.
  5. Place your awareness on the crown chakra at the top of your head and infuse with your intent to OPEN TO RECEIVE HIGHER WISDOM....WE are all born with the capacity to feel our "cup runneth over"....just ask for A FREE REFILL, ANYTIME.

My 'sources' tell me that the more we do this the more our outer experiences will reflect the One.

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physics philosophy metaphysics of Space said...

Your comments about the underlying unity of reality are spot on and very important to humanity.
We can now explain this with science perfectly - see the wave structure of matter.
Good on you.
Geoff Haselhurst